Awesome Cooking Sugarcane With Fish Deliciuos Recipe – Cook Fish Recipes – Village Food Factory

Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Sugarcane With Fish Deliciuos Recipe – Cook Fish Recipes – Village Food Factory
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Marie Blue says:

Where is the other girl? Is she fired? I like her 😀

Babirye Hunaisa says:

U don’t remove the intestines from the fish

mrosso salome says:

Amazing!!!!!! Like it

Josievalci Oliveira says:

Que nojo.nen tira as escamas e as tripas do peixe


Maybe these fish have nothing to gut on the inside

Jfloid Tiongson says:

Where u from ??u are so very cute and pretty :))nice food so yummy :))

Khánh Linh says:

This is a ‘Lóc’ fish featured in Vietnam. Did you ask why it was not cleaned inside? I always say that this fish is only really good to do so. I hope that when you really want to complain, please take care of their local customs

nieysa marzuki says:

Aku tahu ikan haruan tu baik untuk kesihatan …Tpi aq tgok Tak buang pon taik ikan tu .Video ikan lain buang..X pahit ke tang perut ikan tu nnti .

jennifer morales says:

The Fish wasint clean in the inside?

vibeslord says:

beautiful people simple life style.

My Lifestyle My Natural says:

i like your videos

Yulimar Aldazoto says:

Hello ex el et beatifull

My Food My Lifestyle says:

sorry everyone i know you are waiting my video about dessert but i can’t put in this time. i will input dessert video next upload.

Megan Aude says:

so yummy.. I love it!

Miemie Mimi says:

which one is older?

Kurkure Kurkure says:

is this cambodia style?? the cooking recipes shown by them r very very different..

Caldera Records says:

Very charming. Your beauty is nary matched by anything other than your skill cooking. Very enchanting if I may say so with only the most decent intentions of course. If only I could convince you to speak a little in your videos if that would perhaps make you feel less uncomfortable? In what ever dialect you feel most at home with 🙂

Amazing Channel says:

Good video

ngoc ngyuen says:

tháy róm

PL Channel says:

Nice videos

nelly nelly says:

Were is your sister

Doris Chan says:

why you always put sugar in your cooking. .so all your food will taste sweet?

Célia Chanurag says:

can u guys tell me if the other girl is u’re sister ?

VivBeyer1111 says:

I Love that they dont talk on this channel….this is what makes it very Special and unique…..

Nazmul Hassan says:


Jfloid Tiongson says:

Awsome recipe sugar cane :)so very preety girls

Jfloid Tiongson says:

Two girls is very cute 🙂 where u from ???

Lori McKinnon says:

Question – What kind of fish are these? Is it normal to not clean them (remove the guts) before cooking them? I love your channel and have been watching for a long time, but I’ve never seen you cook fish that large without cleaning out the insides first. Also, (personal opinion) there’s no need to keep doing a “thumbs-up” after tasting each bite — we can all tell that what’s being cooked is delicious!!!

Roman Alvarez says:

Where can I get a morter and pestal exactly like that one?

Ranggadhan says:

you need rice and it will be perfect

لوليتا العسوله says:

هههههههه تحية من العراق الجن ماكو فيديو ما اشوفه بقناتج

Yuni Cong says:

It was slow cooking

Gray Grey says:

This food look like its over cooked… burned every where….

Jetha Lama says:

beautiful girls cooking delicious fish.

Yong Vathana says:

ល្អណាស់ មើលហើយឃ្លានហើយចង់ស្រកទឹកមាត់

lia monty says:

que hermosas niñas⚘⚘

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