Awesome Cooking Big Fish – Grilled Fish Recipe Prepared Beautiful Girl Cooking Village Food Factory

Awesome Cooking Big Fish – Grilled Fish Recipe Prepared Beautiful Girl Cooking Village Food Factory

Hello!! How do you do everyone !! how are you? today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Big Fish – Grilled Fish Recipe Prepared Beautiful Girl Cooking Village Food Factory
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wmg111 says:

I’m an expat Canadian living on a farm in Cambodia, and this is the real deal. What’s missing is a huge bowl of rice, and a big family to share it, but this is what we would have for a special occasion. As for the salt, it’s mixed with sugar, and burns away on the grill. The root is galangal, which is a milder cousin of ginger. I love this site. They show authentic southeast Asian rural cooking.

Shafina Ali says:

Wow I follow you recipe cook fish…was yum

Anvilshock says:

Can you smell that? It smells GUUD!!

Marie Coupet says:

i love your lifestyle young lady! i cook like that but not that much salt! but it s your choice though! do you have a husband and kids? bring them in one of your video.

Vegan Badass says:

I wonder if you truly dont see any difference between cutting a veggie and cutting a dead body. Even if you eat animals, I am sure the process of taking out their organs is not that delightful. It just looks repulsive.

Nuraize Ibne Jubair says:


jonathan mahinay says:


BenBaragge Winata says:

Look Soo Yummy !!

2zingzing says:

where can get the peeler?

Allison Navarrete says:

what kind of knife she is using to cut these veggies? name?

byron estrada says:

me dio hambre!!!

reshma dixon says:

we need to know the ingredients…

John Smith says:

Look like she added sugar to it,i don’t know but if true,why adding sugar and salt together?

Mahesh Aundhkar says:


Pipz Sarmiento says:

I want that peeler too! where can I get one Miss Beautiful cook??? :))))

Blumen Keiser says:

Morgen have right not all people can cook should is doing well

Nayon Matubber says:

Hahahahaha so sweet

Queen Toshe says:

Anybody else find it relaxing to watch her cook? I do!

kristina lopez says:

Anyway the salt not totally existing all inside the meat of fish also the fish will remove the fishy smell if u rub a lot of salt. And also if you eat the fish just remove the skin and the salt just tast lights only.

Melba Asuncion says:

Nice cooking,, where can I get that type of knife that you use in cutting the tomatoes and onions

Tri Wati says:

what is that water you put in the salad?

san lao says:

It looks good. How does it taste?

Manto Tan says:


Oliverlopez Lopex says:

K tantas polkeria K esa mujer ase

امیر امیران says:

ممنون عالی بود

Glen Shrestha Camat says:

it’s healthy but too much salt?I don’t think so?????

Net Rumopa says:

She didn’t scale the fish so it would not stick when flip over.And the salt only on the scale and don’t eat just the fish. o.k

لمى يان says:

تسلم الأيادي جميل جدا

Stephanie Woodruff says:

She chopped the lips right off that fish! lol.

Vergelio Acaylar says:

i wanna know what it taste after that so many salt she put

Kanuto Baguisa says:

i’m sure this lady is having defective speech because of the amount of MSG she’s putting on all of her cooking.. she didn’t even speak on all of her videos.. i dont like the way she’s cooking, but i kept on watching but mostly on the part when she’s putting a HUGE AMOUNT OF SALT AND MSG… hahaha this is total shit!!!! it always keeps me laughing hahaha 😀

kikapatito cote says:

mucha sal

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