Awesome Cooking Banana Tree With Big Fish Recipe Delicious In My Village – Village Food Factory

Awesome Cooking Banana Tree With Big Fish Recipe Delicious In My Village – Village Food Factory

Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Banana Tree With Big Fish Recipe Delicious In My Village – Village Food Factory
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Pewdeipie __ says:

Pesang dalag

Eleonor Jimenez Diza says:

Wow this is amazing kind of cooking recipe… it opens a new idea for everyone of us like an eye opener that banana can be a vegs. thumbs up girl your cooking procedure is quite new to me…thanks for sharing your video.

Joselyn Tenido says:

Look good.

Aisyah love says:

good is pohon pisang

Uncle Rich says:

beautiful girl … thailand or cambodia

Vernita Porter says:

look good, will try this

Rasmi Rmpk says:

seumur umur blm pernah mkn pohon pisang,,bsok bsok tk coba,penasaran dngan rasanya hiii mungkin enak kali yah,seperti mkn batang talas hee

Nonita Paderna says:

I think she can not speak English well that why she come from thialand ik think. of Vietnamese

Tina Cris says:

suku karo di sumatera utara, Indonesia juga punya masakan khas gulai ayam dengan batang pisang muda, kalau mau tau rasanya datang aja ke tanah karo. (Karonese tribes in north sumatera, Indonesia also has a special food ” chicken curry with banana tree”, wanna try it ? just come to karo land)

bryce martin says:

I love your channel. It has opened my eyes to traditional cooking around the world. Everything is amazing.

alice smith says:

how many ppl do you normally have to cook for everyday?

lesha molsoi says:

always sugar in every dish and no chilli no spices lol

Riyas Ahamed says:

strong hands

Aadilidrisi Idrisi says:

recipe is good but her way cut and cook euee

unknwn_usr says:


Poul Smith says:

looks good

Mousumi De says:

while cooking or adding spices, u should write the name of the spices in that video.

Soma Rana says:

why don’t you speak in video

Books Collections says:

while cooking say something…. i like to have banana stem.

UL HOM says:

ពូកែធ្វើម្ហូបណាស់ គ្រាន់ឃើញស្រក់ទឹកមាត់

Zeina Merkbaei says:

You are a beautiful person. why are you cooking and eating dearty animals meets.when that sow we are goving womitin and sick. omg. .

Falak Khan says:

rende time zaya kr deya Tony bchod

mithritades says:

I grew up around banana trees, this is the first time I’ve seen anybody eat the actual tree, my mind is blown

Nurfi Eylin says:

Hahhhhh batang pisang ny d makan juga

Ashik shaik says:

dear why didnt you talk? it will be great if you talk

Jonathan Williams says:

It is very relaxing watching you cook. I have never seen this method before. Thanks for posting. I will try this recipe and let you know how it turned out.

Minh Bằng Trần says:

I like you

St channel says:

very good

Mukesh Goyal says:

World best cooking

Busy Man says:

I never thought that human can eat banana tree

Albdlaa Alsady says:

عاشت ايدكم

bisor hemam says:

not nice

Nurfi Eylin says:

Yuli,,, ya tu klo jantung ny kita udh gk asing LG ya rasa ny enk,, apa LG klo d masak gulai,, ni yg nama ny Aneh Tpi nyata ya

Food Travel KH says:


eli soliah says:

gedebog gedang bisa di makan ea

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