Apollo Fish Recipe | Giant Fish Fry | Big Fish Recipe by Grandpa

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Apollo Fish Recipe | Giant Fish Fry | Big Fish Recipe by Grandpa

Apollo Fish Recipe | Giant Fish Fry | Big Fish Recipe by Grandpa


سعاد اليافعي says:

الي جا من قناه رنا لايك

Nancy Greene says:

Good recipe I’ll try!

NotA BadThing says:

I wonder how flies havent been attracted by the smell there.

Dillon Marc says:

7 ads in a 12 minute video?

خرابيش says:

بداية مقرفة

Mesheka Powell says:

I pronounce a blessing upon your life Grandpa. It shall be well with thee.

Ayushi Jain says:

I love u grandpa

Nitin Bhai says:

Very nice cocking

Chandrakanta Nayak says:

Pz use paper plates…..

Cristal Jb says:

Amo este canal porque dan comida y apoyan a lo niños que lo necesitan *I LOVE GRANDPA*

عاشقة جهاد & اساما says:

الي جاي من عند < رنوي> لايك

Mucittin says:

Uncle grandpa

سعاد اليافعي says:

جيت من قناه رنا

Amrutha V says:

U RR dng a get work.kuddos to grandpa for being so happy and active.juus one suggestion -plz substitute these styrofoam disposable plates with eco-friendly option like palm leaf plates

Bia lemos says:

Parabéns muito lindo o que vocês fazem.

Mohammad Mudasar says:

Love and support from Pakistan!❤

TigerLily says:

May the gods bless this man!

Nipuna Srimal says:

I love you grandpa

Ruth Harel says:

The kids are so cute!!!!!

leberpr says:

I don’t even like fish and I still want to try this. It looks that good!

Ratul Deka says:

so cute child

Fatima Albanna says:

Love from Bahrain 🙂

Tso Tso says:

(✿ ♥‿♥)

fofo 54 says:

منو جاي من قناه رنا؟

Srinivas Rudra says:

U guys are really amazing …..
Keep going

Guest House says:

that is absolutely disgusting

MJ Ontube says:

Very nice video…love from indonesia

Bennartho Denys says:

love them so much

الجوهرة فهد says:

اهه ايام البساطه

What the fuck TØP? says:

Grandpa do you have anywhere to get mail? If you put it in the description I bet people will send you cooking supplies!

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