5 Minute Best Fish Dinner!

Fresh, Simple & Delicious sole meuniere recipe for dinner! Get the recipe here: http://bit.ly/DonalSoleMeuniere

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Cedrick S. K. says:

What did I watch.. Waaay too much talking… Annnoying.. Go do horseracing radio shows, please

Shayak Munshi says:

Apart from that Irish accent everything looks fine,lol the butter sounds like bottor.

Jose Montes says:

i like you, your so handsome and your recipes are great!! thank you! 🙂

Ibrahim Shishmahal says:

v.quick .simple. n yammy fish

Don Cordero says:

If he already laid out the lentils and put the fish directly on it with the asparagus.. he might have made it

God Doom says:

OMG…a cook that actually washes his hands every time after touching raw meat. Most just wipe their hands on their clean up rags and contaminate the whole kitchen. 😉

Henning Zander says:

Slicing up the aspargus probably takes more time than just throw it in the pan and cooking it with the fish.

Kids-Happiness says:


Buck Fush says:

That’s all I needed: a stupid English man showing me how to cook.

tiggle5485 says:

Tamatoa sent me here

Robel Tesfaye says:

First time watching your videos and you just earned a new subscriber.

CouPON117 says:


怜 怜 says:

What is the dark grain at last?

The Simmering Pot says:

I really enjoy your videos on your channel! I am starting to build mine too. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

B Yip says:

I was wondering what “flieur” was… Love the accent, though. I got it.

Andre Hellinga says:

Skin on? Can’t see any skin!

Naomi Chen says:

timer gave me anxiety

leeswrxsti says:

looks amazing

emzirek says:

I call bologna because he already cooked lentils and other things that happened that take time. let’s see a true 5-minute meal

Francis Agbada says:

The hell with 5 minutes I’m hungry mate.

Amalia Sina says:

You are amazing

Rizki Noprianti says:

Who else realize that the thumbnail picture of this video is not the same as it’s served in the video? I’ve found 2 of donal’s YT video like this.. like Why not keeping it real guys?!

scott miller says:


bigsteve1207 says:

Great stuff!

John G says:

I love these 5min vids–they are a nice counterbalance to some of the more elaborate and complex dishes I like, and it is good to be able to mix things up in the kitchen. I wouldn’t want to live on 5min meals alone, nor live without them. Great addition to your repertoire, Donal!

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