Your New Favorite Holiday Drink: Clint’s Perfect Chai Latte Recipe

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“Namaste Spiceland Pasadena”
1. loose leaf black tea
2. whole cloves
3. fennel seeds
4. whole black pepper
5. cinnamon sticks
6. fresh ginger root
7. cardamon
Mortat & Pestle :
Chia Pot :
Nut Milk Bag :

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Today’s Adventures!
Clint shows us how he makes authentic Indian Chai from scratch!
Sam and the crew brainstorm a Dark Souls themed video concept.

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Moasfar Javed says:

In South Asia we call chai addicts CHAIVINISTS

spider0804 says:

I feel like with a mortar and pestle you should probably grind it a bit better.

thepluraloftiger says:

dok sols?!
PogChamp !

Peter Peterson says:

So half as in a half of cup or what?

Matt Richer says:

Dark souls in real life?

Nom Sauce says:

I get the bigass milkskin from the pot but the ones that show up in your cup aren’t bad at all, cmon Clint D:

Dhairyah Shroff says:

I was watching this video drinking Chah(Gujarati Milk Tea) and was like WTF

fnk86 says:

Cmike is the nicest drink.

Asering says:

Dark Souls video?
Yes please!

Snapshot Flo says:

I had a dream last night that I bumped into you lot in like 2012 before you had this crew channel and I accidentally insulted you all by saying “you’re all a lot shorter in real life”, but to be fair you were all like 4ft for some reason

W Beerman says:

when do you add the black tea?

ConformistOwl says:

I sense some tension between Sam and Niko, but I might be crazy.

Jun says:

Still having nightmares about Sam’s udon misery…

therealpanse says:

Still waiting for some push-ups Cmike…

Robert Russell says:

That brand integration tho…. Amazing!

Rise the drake says:

I want that Bob Ross mug. This is NOT an option. It’s an order.

Zolboo Tumendemberel says:

Milk skins taste fucking amazing what the hell are you guys talking about

Maximilian says:

hahaha the dramatic sounds when the milk almost boils over

Gurl on Girl-Gaming says:

I legit gagged at the milk skin. That’ll haunt my dreams.

Alejandro Gonzalez-Lara says:

Praise the sun! `[T] /

FasTrack says:

Americans Discovering Indian Chai
Americans Discovering Milk Skim (Sai , which is pretty tasty)
Indian – SMH

James Chilingerian says:

Didn’t namaste used to be hobby people D:

Shadow Fall says:

I hate to say it but I don’t trust anything these guys endorse. I like them, been watching for a little while now and I’ve noticed they tend to just take sponsorship from anyone that’ll have them/ pay them.
They don’t research the product they endorse, don’t believe in it, in some cases they don’t actually even seem to use it.
But they’re perfectly happy to take money from them and pass it off to us as viewers as though they’re a trustworthy reliable source.
They have no integrity
Tldr: Get some integrity guys, start endorsing products you actually care about not just any product that will pay you to promote them

Jooshbag says:

It’s okay that people say Chai Tea when it means Tea Tea. It makes it identifiable as different from other traditional European teas commonly found here.

Consider; Remus Lupin means Moon Moon, and ATM Machine means Automatic Teller Machine Machine.

It’s just English, it happens.

ISEGaming says:

Weird how I got an ad for Nord VPN on this video which has a sponsored video for Express VPN.
Also all it takes is for Netflix to ban that VPN ips and it’s service going to get dodgy.

Sam Guy says:

‘You wouldn’t steal a hangbag, would you?’
‘So why would you steal a movie?’

micah says:

You guys actually have the best sponsor spots / segue

Stouffer Dean says:

I love the Bob Ross mug!

UgniusKas says:

Dark souls video please!

Green Delta says:

Lame video. Half about chai, half about a vpn sponsor. The least entertaining Sam and Niko vid yet imo.

EthalaRide says:

That recipe sounds great, and I love chai tea but I’ve never made it homestyle like that. I wrote down as much as I could gather, but would love a more specific recipe.
per cup:
1) Red Label loose leaf black tea, amount: ? 1 tbsp ?
2) Whole cloves, 1.5 pieces
3) Fennel seeds, a generous pinch
4) whole black pepper, 3+ pieces
5) Cinnamon sticks, about 1.5 cm chunk
6) Fresh Ginger, skin and great, amount: ? a pinch ?  
7) Cardamon, 14 tiny seeds

50/50 whole milk and water, but how much did you put in the pot? 1/2 a cup each?
Grind everything (but the ginger?) together, bring milk/water to an almost boil, add ground spices, add ginger, let boil up at least 3 times but remove from heat before boiling over. pour tea through a sieve into the mug, enjoy.

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