Watermelon Slushies Recipe: Frozen Summer Drink Idea

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This watermelon lime slushies recipe is an easy and refreshing frozen drink for summer!

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Zamzam Maxamd says:


ThatDerpyDolphin says:

I Want 2 Make The Slush But Everytime I Do It Its Mostly Liquid Not Slush I Put The Watermelon In The Freezer Untill It Was So Hard You Couldnt Cut It With A Knife But When I Blend It It Turns Into Liquid

Maria Christina Brodeth says:


muzz brudr says:

Thankyou, was prefect and damn addictive – its summer in my country (NZ) atm..
Edit: I added coconut water powder to mine when adding the frozen watermelon to the blender (I use vita-mix)..

MilkSushi says:

just made it now tastes great i didnt have the patience to freeze the melon so i just added ice 😛

Saaria Hayat says:

which country can you get the zoku from?

Kiran Chandra says:

aww sho cute

t-roy 48 says:

joanne (hope i spelled correctly) i tried this but i did the tripple melon version and added some coconut rum and it is devine!!!!! thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

Hailey _____ says:


Michael Lie says:

add vodka to the mix, voila.

Cindy Almeida says:

Thank you

Ashley Williams says:

I will be trying this out

gomjune ryoo says:

do you have to put lime juice in it?

Spooderman#2 says:

add some of that lean and your good to go

umu tasliim umu tasliim says:

hi guyz

Muhammad Raahim says:

sooooooooo tasty

max im says:

im just looking at her watermelons.

Devon UC says:

needs vodka

Thai Tung Duong says:

Hi~ I love this recipe, I made it yesterday and it was awesome!
but the watermelon I got had quite a lot of seeds, and when I blend the watermelon icecubes up then the seeds got shredded too… so it created tiny bits of watermelon seeds in the slush 🙁 are there any ways to fix this? ( well, other than removing the seeds before putting the watermelon in the blender )
Thanks for reading, love the vid!

Golu Star says:


The Leviticus Diet says:

So pretty.

potato in space says:

Does this work on other fruits?

smolfri :3 says:

Your making me so thirsty right now XD

dunmega Tate says:

I think adding alcohol would enhance the flavor of this recipe.

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