‘The Real’ Happy Hour Drink Recipe

Join Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love and Adrienne Houghton for happy hour… and learn how to make our signature cocktail, The Lavender Unicorn!

What’s your favorite happy hour drink? Tell us in the comments,

Think men should be buying all the drinks? The hosts of “The Real” weigh in on bar etiquette. → → → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihjVH6dW53U


haha haha says:

Yayyyyyy <3

Fun With Dom says:

I just love y’all!!!

Shay91 says:

Ya’ll some alcoholics. I’m glad I don’t have to drink to turn up.

That'ssoTrisha says:

I’ve been diy-ing lately. And A’s shirt looks like them huge paper flowers I tried and failed to make.

Toni Chauntel says:

I’m the only one who sees Loni’s waist is snatched huh?

Michaela Onuchukwu says:

Adriennes top is beautiful

Chimidley Joseph says:

I wonder if that’s real alcohol they drinking…

aquarius88_ says:

Amazon is addicting especially if you have prime

Yelly Yellez says:

It looks like lavender. Too bad I’m a law abiding 19 yr old.

Sarah Alicia says:

I got that same pineapple in the back on that table

Julio Chino Martinez says:

im really happy for jeanie’s divorce, next time she has to be consistent about not having children, she has to own her truth, cause i think it was a mistake to expose that detail of her marriage on tv, cause i remember some episodes where she was asking the other ladies about the idea of freezing her eggs, of posibly becoming a mother and stuff like that, and that gave fredie some hopes, im sure they had her make that just for ratings….next time just own it girl! there’s nothing to be embarresed or to feel less of a woman for not wanting kids, a woman’s value is defined for what she has in her mind, not for her hability to have children…

Elizabeth Francis says:

the flower on the drink matches jeannie’s outfit!! lol

Joey Atwaini says:

Loni: now if i have one more of these i might see a unicorn. LMAO

FrankieNGrace95 says:

I keep seeing that butterfly tea stuff…I want to try it

Mayra R says:

Why is this posted on Sunday night though? ate you trying to make us depressed.

Takeda Starr says:

A’s shirt is actually giving me life. I probably can’t pull it off tho.

M Palacios says:

Favorite Show EVER❤️I wanna be on that show one day!

Jasmin T Beer says:

I must be colour blind cz all i see is purple… not blue

perliters says:

Adrienne tops lately remind me of origami. Gone wrong.

SammySingally says:

Lemon or lime juice must have already been added to the butterfly pea powder when liquifying it. I’ve used it before. It’s initially blue in water and then it turns purple or pink once lemon juice is added to it. It’s a beautiful effect.

IGMotorCity3SixesCarbonGoddess Snap-mtrctycrbngod says:

Jeannie wore something similar in a previous season. And I guess Adrienne Houghton isn’t preggers

Reggie 03 says:

You can tell Jeannie’s mind wasn’t there

Adam Sufi says:

So we gone act like Jeannine ain’t colour blind? That was clearly purple.

MissTenay H.G says:

That look soo good I would put two shots of vodka in it though

Ashely Rogers says:

Tht purple

Ray Perkins says:

You all fuggly. Get a life.

Brittany Jacqueline says:

What is soda water?

Nicole Acuna says:

I thought it was lean lmao

Sirine Takieddine says:

adriene top! I WANT THIS NOW!

Niya Abdullahi says:

where’s the blue though????

Jonelle Pemberton says:

There was anything blue about this drink

Happy Camper says:

Is it me or is this cast slowly (LIVE!) turning into alcoholics? …

Davi Julal says:

One fourth…three fourth….don’t we say quarter?

Alexis says:

That lemon juice did nothing it was purple from the first drop lol

Britney Waldron says:

Show is a bit boring now! They need to replace Tamera with singer Monica or someone similar

roter13 says:

at what point was the drink blue?

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