The Best DIY Electrolyte Drink Recipe

What’s a recipe for the best homemade sports drink? Check out the video for the answer. For more on electrolytes and sports drinks, visit here:

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Cgrndjeyn Tomvn says:

i think is working ,look at his eye brows .good job!!!

Kim Rebley says:

I think they are fake.

ThePrufessa says:

Question: do we need to replenish electrolytes whilst swimming? Is sweating the only way to lose electrolytes other than being sick?

Kube Dog says:

So, electrolytes make your hair fall out and eyebrows explode? I’m scared to ask about the pubes. Pass.

edgar deluis says:

Beauty eyebrows

Hayden D. says:

Mr. Clean?

ThePrufessa says:

I’m having a hard time understanding how cold water will reduce your core temperature. If your body is hot that cold water is going to warm up to your body temp long before it does anything to reduce your body temperature.

I don’t think the temperature of the water makes any difference because by the time the water reaches your stomach it’s pretty much the same temperature as your stomach. Your body doesn’t care about the temperature of the water. It’s going to use hot water the exact same way that it uses cold water.

clehrbar says:

Leave this man alone about his eyebrows and focus on the content! It takes practice to draw on eyebrows.

brownsugar7210 says:

Can I use raw honey instead of maple syrup?

Narcissists Explorer says:

To absorb the water you drink into your cells, you need calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride. Some of these minerals make their home inside the cell while others reside outside the cell wall. These minerals all talk to each other and if one is present in higher concentrations than another or alternatively if one of those minerals is lacking, it can be difficult for water to enter the cell. Physically, when water stays outside the cell, it manifests as a feeling of fluid retention which for some people, is so noticeable, that clothing will cut into them as the day progresses. You can change this by improving the mineral balance of your diet and taking care of your liver.
Even lemon water will hydrate your cells & body. So drink lots of teas and consume more fruits

HotBombs99 says:

You said the drink/electrolyte recipe, should be very cold, because it’s most likely a hot day? I disagree with you….Someone I know went hiking, ( we live in Hawai‘i, so it was a very hot day), when he came back he was so hot and exhausted, he asked for ice water , to quench his thirst. He died directly after drinking that very cold drink, from a massive heart attack . The doctor said, he died from the shock of the cold drink when his body temperature was very high. Which basically shattered his heart. So, although your videos are helpful, people need to know to be careful if your over heated.

evan water says:


TheHopkinses says:

The eyebrows are cool but… Why no Idiocracy references? It’s got electrolytes, it’s what plants crave

Hulagu Kahn says:

Very distracting eyebrows…

crystal Silva says:

Not TOO BE RUDE ! BUT WHY ALL THIS HEALTH GURUS dont have any hair ??

Rat Trap supervisor says:

where can i buy those sharpie eyebrows ?

Charlie Ennis says:

Actually cold liquids are pretty bad for your system. It’s a shock to type digestive system and slows everything up. Plenty of research on it, warm liquid is the way to go.

julle huu says:

dude why the hell did you wear long sleeve shirt if there are so hot

kitsilanocat says:

If your exercising outside in the sun, a hot drink will cool you better than a cold drink. This is because it increases the core body temperature, thus increasing how much you sweat; more sweat=cooler body

cathy roncetti says:

Thank you!

Sleep Better says:

You have good advice. However, drinking cold fluids drops your metabolism. Also, dropping the temp in your midsection is not good for you. Drink cool fluids – not cold.
Use a frozen bottle of water to keep a drink cool, then place the frozen bottle on your wrist for 2 minutes. Stay climatized.

Englandsbestlover says:

Drinking ice cold water isn’t good on a hot day. It can cause muscle contractions if you’re an athlete

Dáithí Ó Pléimeann says:

Thanks, because I wasn’t really sure what an electrolyte drink was? I’m embarrassed to say that I thought it was water hooked up to electricity at one stage mixed with fruit juice like gatorade.. I’ll try and make my own and thanks for the recipe..

V. Hansen says:

Omg we know what they are just answer the question. Its not just you but every video I’ve tried to watch to find a good sub for Gatorade.

bingamin button says:

Do you vacuume your eye drows. They look like 2 carpets.

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