STRAWBERRY LIMEADE RECIPE – Non-Alcoholic Drink Miniseries

SUBSCRIBE for more easy recipes: You guys have requested I do non-alcoholic drink recipes, so I’m launching a miniseries with beautiful, fruity, colorful drinks, none involving alcohol so kids and adults can both enjoy! This Strawberry Limeade has fresh cut strawberries, fresh lime juice, and a touch of mint for extra refreshing crispness. It has the perfect amount of sweetness with a punch of citrus. Great drink for summer!

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Strawberry Limeade Ingredients:
½ cup lime juice
⅓ cup sugar
⅓ cup water
½ lb sliced strawberries
20-30 mint leaves
2 cups cold water

To make the simple syrup, combine the sugar and water in a saucepan, and cook over medium high heat for 5-10 minutes until the sugar is dissolved and the liquid is clear.

In a large mason jar or a pitcher, combine the lime juice, simple syrup, strawberries, mint, and water. Let sit in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Serve and enjoy!

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Candace Elias says:

How Many servings does this make?

Pradnyana Putra says:

So fresh !!

Knife The Second says:

I counted four glugs…!

thedeathchronicles says:

Yay! Its such a delicious and refreshing drink to order in restaurants and now it’s super easy just to make at home! Thanks!

Michael Khov says:

How much does this serve?

Shannon Marshall says:

Would it be easy to make this lemonade instead?

Brandon Wood says:


Legit Legitness says:

Is it still as good with lemons?

Vivid Dawn says:

Oohhhh, I’m gonna use this as my reward for sticking to my diet! ….unless of course I can change something in it. Maybe instead of simple syrup, I can use sweetened condensed milk? Like in the Brazilian lemonades? (trying to GAIN weight, in case you’re wondering LOL)

Jasmine Lee says:

Can I leave it overnight?

Heghineh Cooking Show says:

So refreshing and really good looking , perfect for this season
Thanks for sharing!

For the Love of Organizing says:

Enjoying this mini-series so much! Can’t wait to make this.

SoggyFries says:

Non-alcoholic is great cause that way your aunty wont have anything to be ashamed about the next day.

Eden Soussan says:

Make more like thiss plzzz

zunaira sohail says:

hey can u tell me how much quantity I would need for a big party let’s say of around 40 to 50 ppl plz do reply 🙂

nicolewong 's universe says:

it taste really good

Vincenzos Plate says:

Great drink, its super yummy

In The Kitchen With Jonny says:

I’m done with school, now I will have time to try some of your recipes. This looks very refreshing

Yes To Abrar says:

Thank you for this. Just let me get done with exams and then I’ll make this

Sydney Burnside says:

Hey Joanne! Thanks again for such a wonderful recipe! This looks delicious! We make homemade lemonade all the time, but haven’t attempted limeade yet! Where did you get your amazing citrus juicer?

Mimi Hsu says:

Can’t wait for the next episode.

Corinn Heathers says:

Strawberry lemonade with fresh basil. Strawberry limeade with fresh cilantro. I’ve done both, and they’re both fantastic. I’ll try mint next time!

game finder says:

which sugar we have to use?

Amy He says:

Paper straws are everything!

Sharon D'Costa says:

Hi, I really like his video and I want to make it for a party that I’m hiking tomorrow (Nov 20) but I want to use it in my drink dispenser which is 3.5ltr. Can you please give me some guidelines of how much to use. Thanks I will really appreciate it

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