Simple Party Fruit Punch Recipe! Quick & Easy!

❤️ SUBSCRIBE HERE: Party time!! You can never have too many simple punch recipes right!? Well add this easy party fruit punch to your stash! It’s been my favorite go-to since last year! Mainly because it’s so doggone quick, easy, delicious and a crowd pleaser!

It’s sweet, a tad bit tart (from the pink lemonade), with a generous dose of citrus from the orange juice and pineapple juice. It tastes so fruity and fun! Perfect for kids birthday parties, baby showers, whatevs!!!


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Yolonda Shelton says:

I have similar recipe with everything you use except I use a fruit punch concentrate no lemonade and no sugar. It’s really sweet and people love it.

stanza shelton says:

I can’t seem to find the recipe .. help plz

Divas Can Cook says:

Uh oh…y’all really gonna cuss me out when I post these caramel stuffed chocolate chip cookies!!

Minni Pearl says:

Yummm!! I want to make this for my grandmas 100th bday party!!! Thanks so much!!! You da bomb girl!!! xD

Linz ! says:

your voice is always so low..

Abram Ruelas says:

Fake ass fruit punch

Miss Williams says:

yum never thought of mixing these juices together to make this thanks ..

Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

Those punch cubes are such a great idea!

lashanda coney says:

Omg this was a hit!! I used Minute Maid fruit punch thanks

Tiffany and Juju says:

Thats a BlG BlOW!

Kim Thomas says:

Just the right recipe for the season. Great Easter drink. Thanks!

Ed W says:

you’re awesome

J Moore says:

It looks good.
I will make a bowl with sugar and a bowl without sugar
so everyone will be happy. THANKS.

Odd gamingTV TM says:

Omg you sound like a African American baby girl

Lawanda Thomas says:

looks yummy

Piyush Pawar says:

This is so bad for health.

Queen Fu Fu says:

Than add a 5th of fruit punch vodka jk

ewaoluwa polola says:

Great work

Shay Don says:

you is laura vitali friend the way u say hi guys so sweet I like u channel

Fafa says:

Hmmm looks so tasty

sdushdiu says:

Leave out the sugar!

kirstinlov86 says:

I’m going to make this but I’ll omit the sugar and add some dragon fruit Malibu rum adult punch.

MrGangsterwolf says:

I would replace the sugar with vodka and gin.

salliecinnamon says:

This looks amazing! Punch was a childhood fave and now that I’m an adult- still a fave!

Epic Fable Reviews says:

Recipe for punch puts fruit punch in it

Khalia Richardson says:

Do you have a good recipe for gumbo?

megaoshi says:

I was just looking for a punch recipe and you came and save the day. Thanks! This looks good too. I guess I better go and get a very large mixing bowl. ☺

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