Sex On The Beach Drink Recipe Hd

sex on the beach cocktail drink recipe hd that is sure to get you going. Impress you friends with this sexy drink recipe. It’s one of the most popular drinks. From the instructors at American Bartending School, where in 2 weeks you can become a certified bartender. Call 800-736-1001 for information. More cocktail drink recipes at


MissBentuy says:

love this one^^

manyakis gaming says:

lol this is wrong why did u shake it?

American Bartending School says:

Learn the recipe that you like most and tell your bartender how you want it made.  Bartenders often are like chefs, they want to put their personal twist on it.

Francisco Montalvo says:

Change the orange with pineapple juice

SuperMmmm33 says:

does shaking ruin the drink?

risboel17 says:

awww where is the old guy 🙁

DeNiro JuarEz says:

No shake . That color look ugly ..

ramdanny17 says:

What is a good peach schnapps?

TheAithWONDER says:

This is my favorite drink. A must have when enjoying a night out. Very flavorful.

Raoul Thakoer says:

fast cocktail

sabeana love jorg says:

nice drink with firend

Stacyann Dobbs-phillips says:

that me a say too

Omedchazak613 says:

I would not mind trying it! 🙂

Connor-Rage says:

I’m not really sure why he’s shaking them, that adds froth to the drink and most customers wouldn’t want it frothy.  It’s supposed to be a build on ice drink, in a Collins glass.  If anything, I would pour it into a tin, then immediately pour it back into the glass, so that it mixes it a bit, but not too much.

bassxjake says:

sex on the beach is
1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz raspberry schnapps
1/2 oz melon schnapps
balance with pineapple.

woo woo
3/4 oz vokda
3/4 oz peace schnapps
balance with cranberry.

just try to let the viewers know there are other variations.

American Bartending School says:

Shaking the drink will smooth it ou. E either way is correct.

Robert Deford says:

… in 5 minutes I’ve seen 8 different variations of this drink, all under the same name. No wonder why I can never find a bartender that can create the exact drink I want unless it’s a beer….

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