My Golden Milk Recipe: The Best Bedtime Detox Drink!

I listed some articles here if you guys are interested in the benefits of some of the ingredients I used in this recipe 🙂


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Turmeric is
* potent anti inflammatory agent
* studies have shown to reduce depression, reverse liver damage, and treat alzheimer’s
* relieves gastric issues by slowing down bile production

Ginger is
* anti inflammatory as well
* prevents nausea
* help fight off bacterial infections especially those found in the mouth
* good source of vitamin c, magnesium, and potassium
* reduce menstrual pain

Raw Honey
* good source of antioxidants
* contains compounds called phenolic which may play a role in reducing heart disease
* antibacterial anti fungal properties

RECIPE for 2 servings
– 2 cup unsweetened almond milk
– 1/4 tsp vanilla
– 1 tsp numeric
– 1 tsp dried ginger or chopped fresh ginger
– 1/4 tsp of black pepper
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 1 tbsp raw honey or maple syrup
– 1 tbsp coconut oil

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Romaine Athey says:

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Debi Dooms says:

Thanks for sharing but wish you had discussed the drink itself more like why we should drink it, what benefits you’ve noticed etc. Never heard of this drink before

pokopori says:

OMG that looks DELICIOUS. New subscriber to your channel… so glad I did!!

Precious Das says:

Is it good?

Janett Me says:

You should cook the coconut oil. Add to the mug along with the honey and let it melt.

Juanita Pratt says:

Can this drink be drunk as a morning drink vice coffee?

The unknown kid says:

Excuse me; just a tip, it would have been nice you mentioning in the beginning of the video to warm milk first, and to add honey last. My son’s face hit the floor. He says; you wasted his ingredients, I agree.

priyanka nikam says:

Why cinnamon and ginger ?? And also if we don’t use honey will that be ok

NYC State of Mind says:

Could you please tell how many calories are in this drink? Is it fattening? I love it but I’m trying to lose some weight. Last Q 🙂 what’s the real role of B pepper? Thanks!!

sakshi bist says:

I never thought “haldi wala dood” turmeric milk will become sooooo popular one day. Its being used in India since ages

abrielle villanueva says:

It’s soooo good thanks for the recipeeee

artsybirdy _ says:

How often can I drink this? 🙂

Xibalba U. says:

Oh god that is waaaaaaaay too much pepper. You really only need about a pinch. I tried this recipe with the recommended amount and the pepper taste completely took over

Queen Meteor says:

no oil. Oil isn’t anti-inflammatory. Lol, it damages your arteries. If you want to help the body absorb turmeric, drink the tea while eating some walnuts or something. NO oil. Not a drop. Damages arteries. Spikes cholesterol.

AyeeDee87 says:

Good video. Can you tell me when is the ideal time to drink this before bed? Sometimes when I eat too close to bedtime it affects my sleep.

Elisabeth Smith says:

My spiced just clumped up and wouldn’t dissolve. Is there any reason why or tips to avoid that? Besides chewing my turmeric and cinnamon it was good

Follower of The Way says:

I make with cardamom and nutmeg

KrishnaPriya Surapaneni says:

Hi i was wondering, can we make this drink and cool down n keep in fridge and drink it every night ? Maybe like for 3 days enough of it

Hillary Zhu says:

Love your videos! Definitely going to try this out tonight 🙂

Huehue Coyotl says:

Helen Keller Optimismus

evilcrumbs says:

the calories of the coconut oil tho 🙁

this is the truth of present life kaur p says:

I like ur video. Lots of love from Australi

Cindi Estess says:

Been making a similar recipe….love it

Hellthrasher says:

Of all the Golden Milk recipes i’ve seen this week – this one is the mos accurate proper way to do it.
Added the honey at the end, instead of cooking with it and explained why/how the ground pepper works.
Well done.

Daniela Conti says:

That`s exactly what I needed ! I`m going to take a shower and drink it ! Can`t wait for a new vid like this <3<3

Huehue Coyotl says:

So you take the Ginger pieces sieve out or let them in please? Also when I use fresh curcuma, would you leave the pieces in After Cooking or sieve them out? Thanks

Helen Bryant says:

didnt catch all ingredients what are they?

Heather Rae says:

I’m drinking this right now. First time trying it. I was nervous cuz I thought it would be gross but it’s actually quite tasty! Thank you.

na omi says:

I put 3 tablespoons of turmeric powder in a cup of milk will I be okay???? I only drank a sip of the milk and did not heat it up but I don’t want my blood to thin up please help!!!!

Cuc Truong says:

I’m gonna give this a try..

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