My Favorite Bloody Mary Recipe

Drink Recipe –

1 1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Lemon Juice
1/2 oz Worcestershire Sauce
1 Teaspoon Horseradish
Pinch of Black Pepper
4 oz Tomato Juice
Quick Shake to Mix
Pour into Highball Glass rimmed with Salt
Garnish with A Celery Stalk & Green Olives

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Chris Johnson says:

If i want alcohol I’ll just drink beer or vodka straight.. But tomato juice vodka celery even some peole add hot sauce worschester sauce.. Fucking disgusting.. its like drinking breakfast blah.. Anybody who likes this shit is fucked in the head. And you can’t get drunk. It’s so filling you would puke before you could drink enough to get wasted. There’s absolutley no point to this nasty ass drink

JG Huff says:

Hey Alex & Jake. Bloody Mary’s are my Fav! Same recipe but I add a bit of celery salt as well. I’m always on a mission for the best Bloody Mary’s especially with amazing garnishes too. Thanks for this video.

kellyr95 says:

+Alex Mandel Drinks Jigger please… 2:04
Get wild and crazy and use the whole can of tomato juice! 3:07

Krystof D. says:

Don’t lie bloody mary tastes like shit and you get stomach aches. I ordered it once and it killed my whole evening, as I didn’t want to be unpolite and drank it all…

Chris Taylor says:

To much Tabasco guys

Minwoo Jo says:

Lol you said you didn’t like it spicy so you weren’t going to put that much tabasco in it. Yet you put like 20 dashes of it in the drink which I assume is a lot considering Alex who likes it spicy put only like 6

tony simmons says:

Next video stand on the opposite side…you keep bumping arms

lara collard says:

Closed the way the leaves covered his eyes when he was trying to drink his Bloody Mary!!

Ana Kurdadze says:

i thoght that blody mary was a woman in blod

PapaShongo25 says:

“Idk if you should drink more alcohol if you’re already hung over”
If I need to do anything that day you bet your ass I am.

Benjamin Klein says:

All you are missing is pickle juice garlic and celery seed

Dominik MJ says:

pasteurized lemon juice is the worst product – you could directly use the worst vodka in this bloody and could make it not worse. *Suckers!*

Bat919man Seth says:

Do a grasshopper

Carson Fran says:

Two fails. The quality of the vodka doesn’t really matter. Using an enfused vodka is good — like a jalapeno vodka. Not using fresh lemon juice is an amateur move.

Divergence says:

Got to give this a try next time I’m out.

UbaeDanger says:

i liked this video the second you said “okay to drink in the morning”

silver says:

alex this one looked so damn refreshing ,,,am going out now to get my ingredients:))

Godric Gryffindor says:

I thought he meant the ghost bloody mary

william francey says:

Replace that tomato juice with clamato and then you have yourself a drink!


i sucked at making bloody marry glad to see this video 

Brayan Espinoza says:

Rim the glass with spicy lemon powder (that’s not what it is called).

NicaOChika says:

This is like a “Ceasar” from Canada. If you ever had one you know they are amazing! Except we don’t use horseradish and we use Motts Clamato juice

Lester Green says:

Fuck bloody marys. Drink a mechilada pussy

Fairfax Vickers says:

God I love a good Bloody Mary and this one is perfection. You guys made me laugh while at work too so that’s a plus.

Matt M says:

nice unibrow jake

Cutelatinguy2 says:

Guys with beards give the best rim jobs!

britiw says:

ok, tomato juice in cans

Max Vogel says:

That is a basic version of a bloody mary. Try adding some breakfast bacon, sliced pickle, pureed jalapinio, green olives and roll your drink instead of the one time shake. If you want to make a large batch for a party consider using the pullout salad drawer from the fridge (also great for Sangria)!

julie pelland says:

Try a delicious Canadian drink that is similar to the Bloody Mary called a Cesar! So good!

Wooster001 says:

Replace the horseradish with more tabasco or franks hot sauce.

John Luccarelli says:

damn….i can’t make it through your awwwwwful banter…worst ever

John Grindey says:

Needs pickle juice! Preferably Claussen!

Zach Draper says:

Thats all the Vodka??

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