Mint Lime Juice | Healthy Drink

Mint Lime Juice is the easiest juice recipe of all the juice recipes that are out there. This juice recipe is the best summer drink. It is very easy to make and serve. It is best for your glow and complexion. It is prepared using lime, sugar, ginger and fresh mint leaves.

1. Lemon – 1 (cut into I/8 pieces)
2. Ginger – 1/2 inch (sliced)
3. Mint Leaves – few
4. Black Pepper Powder – A pinch
5. Sugar – 5 to 6 Tablespoons
6. Salt – A pinch
7. Cold water as required


1. In a blending jar, add a lemon which has been cut into 1/8 small lemon pieces, a 1/2 inch of sliced ginger, a pinch of black pepper powder, few mint leaves, 3 cups of cold water, 5 to 6 tablespoons of sugar, and a pinch of salt.
2. Blend them together and strain it.
3. Transfer the juice into a serving glass.
4. Lastly add some ice cubes and a mint leaf on top.

Mint lime juice is ready to sip.

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Zainabu Mercyme says:

where can l get mint leaves in Kenya?

Suzi R says:

Lol how is this a healthy drink whit so much sugar add stevia instead. Then you are ready to go …

Appu P says:



Its ok dear but too much sugar

Guitar Addict says:

Is it sweet in taste

Compose A Drink says:

Amazing video! Love it!

Sahaya Lalwani says:

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Yuvaraj Roy says:


vamsi krishna says:

y 2 crush the lime instead of taking juice from it????

Rashmita Sahoo says:


Alexander Parker says:

Why don’t you freeze the glass and you can make sugars stick on the glass

Ashirwad Vijay says:

sugar is not healthy

juvenilegolden says:

Nothing wrong with some sugar

Shervin Azad Arya says:

I loved it. Thank you so much.

Akhil Lalji says:

How the f is this “Healthy” by adding 5 Tbsp Sugar!

YouTube on a Budget says:

if it’s healthy why is there suger in it?!!!

Ghulam Samina says:

Took oolong good

Javid Akram says:


raghbeb says:

ladies hand with gents voice

alina shan says:

if I cant add sugar ?

Simon Jack says:

Lol sugar is devil dust dont add it…..

smith stripe says:

Thank you

Ansar Mohammed says:

Aiwa ……excellent ⚘⚘⚘⚘

Deepak Sharma says:

Don’t add this much sugar! It would affect adversely unless u r a ‘taste’ fanatic. Remember, nothing is as bad as this sugar.

Ashwin Krishna says:

It is awesome.. And very easy to prepare..

Maurice Aguirre says:

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Rippednip Poodle says:

Your body need glucose can y’all shut tf up

mahi khan says:

My favrt

Habiba Arif says:

thankyou soo much for uploading this awesome receipie , me & my family really like it.

S.P. SINGH says:

Tasty but not much healthy

Muneeb Abbas says:

very good

jagalinki sridevi says:

I don’t like sugar

Ashwin Krishna says:

It is awesome.. And very easy to prepare..

Faris Jamal says:

wow super taste

Narendra Subramanya says:

Thanks for the reply and appreciate your concern…

priyanka raj says:

too much sugar ….dislike.

Narendra Subramanya says:

Thank you for the recipe. I have a query for you. whether I can store it and drink after workout.i.e. Prepare it before the workout and consume it after the workout.

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