Mango Smoothie Drink Recipe – Greg’s Kitchen

Today on Greg’s Kitchen i make a Mango Smoothie Recipe, this is actually healthy! and a good way to start the day. Mango’s are is season right now and it’s been a bumper season so go buy some and gobble down the yummy mango goodness mmmmmmm


pamela espinoza says:

can I drink that before I exercise to give me energy to burn fat

ray tolius says:

How about some bourbon in there too

H2O Hunter says:

You beautiful hobo

Don Nacey says:

Greggo that looks drinkolishus .. Definitely worth a try… Just wondering could you use golden syrup instead of maple syrup??? Something else to experiment with.. Peace out from crazy kiwi New Zealand down here.

BritishWarLord says:

Mmmm I would love to french kiss your asshole..

Johnny Smithers says:

Greg, the Jesus calling, God loving religion hater.

James007HungerZone says:

Hey Greg here is a mango recipe you might like, it is for Hawaiian Sweet Mango Bread :

Joshua Patterson says:

how yummy is it I can’t stop eating

Chrus B says:

Ouch, I wouldn’t put my banana in there…

Cams Brooke says:

In Brazil there’s a myth that if you eat a mango and then drink milk you’ll die… my grandmother would be very mad at you

ProphetofGod says:

thank you i shall make one myself.

Georgeasmr says:

I think a Mango falls faster from a tree than an Apple Greg because it’s heavier. I think some people call that “alternative facts”.. Wait… What? Great vid Greg. Thanks. I miss Bernice. Miss you Bernice.

Chris Neall says:

Love ya greggo woohooo mango how good are mango Weiss bars eh?!

Mango says:

Thank you, Grego <3

Jeff Smith says:

Original milk? What the hell do they mean by original?

Penny Wise says:

Oh no..not another mango vid. *cringe* Sorry Greg baby…I am one of those people that hate the smell and the taste of them. BTW…. you are mentioned in a vid put out by TheWolfPit….LOL. He was doing a testing of the Dollar Tree breakfast on a stick.

UncleGweilo says:

Shoulda used proper maple syrup. Would have tasted just that much better and well worth the extra shekels at Coles!

Brissy Boy says:


UncleGweilo says:

If you have a strong juicer, freeze strips of mango and run them through the juicer. Where the fibrous bits come our when you juice stuff will be a whipped and ærated mang “icecream”. Works with pineapple, too, and probably other “woody” fleshed fruits like apple.

TheStwat aka Stuart Wright says:

Just add some rum, perfect.

pamela espinoza says:

got milk lol

Slats414 says:

I like the simplicity of your work on this one. My kind of recipe. Throw it in the blender, puree it up, and drink it down. BTW, that “theory of gravitation” is actually now the Law of Gravity – even Down Under! 500 astronauts can’t be wrong. Keep’em coming.

Camarggio says:

Can you make avocado smoothie?

Jer Ger says:


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