Make Your Own Sports Drink! How to Make “Greaterade” – Homemade Sports Drink Recipe

Learn how to make a homemade Sports Drink recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy homemade Sports Drink!


Diener Five says:

Its like NDT is showing me how to make sports drinks

Veror says:

How much is the “rest of the water”

Sandro says:

All cayenne Everything

Tubebrerry says:

Honey adds bitterness – something people never talk about when using honey as a sweetener. Just use the normal white sugar.

7amoodka _q8 says:

Why is he saying the last word so annoyingly

Natsu Dragneel says:

“pure salt” “trace minerals”

Alexander Szabo says:

I don’t know why, but the commentator sounds like Neil Degrasse Tyson to me.

Kam Mike says:

Pulp is nasty as fuck

Anal0Avenger says:

Much more simple recipe:
5dl water, 1g salt, 5g sugar. Mix, drink.
Add juice if you want.

234,790,792 views says:

Annoying accent

Game Over says:

the only people who put Himalayan salt in everything work for the Himalayan salt companies! thats kind of a weird coincidence

Long Live Dimebag Darrell says:

I love you , but damn those voice pitch changes.

Irish RedBone says:

I dislike people who tell me they cleanse

Louis Merrill says:

this dudes voice goes up and down more than the san francisco

Mitchell Mammel says:

God I am thirsty.

Vishal Malik says:

How long can we store it in the refrigerator?

D Lockwood says:

My wife gets occasional leg and toe cramps in the middle of the night. I’m going to make her up a batch of this fine electrolyte concoction (maybe add some potassium to it). Chef John, you always outdo yourself. I love all of your recipes. The best thing is that you create all of your culinary magic adding a good dose of your own unique humor. You never fail to make me smile. Some of the best meals I’ve eaten were created using your recipes. Thank you.

Simon Valen says:

what about the electrolytes it needs electrolytes……..and more chili

AdvEx says:

Awesome. Great start for my own Project, where I want to come as close as it gets to the carb-amount, sodium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, and potassium of the PowerBar Iso-drink. But without adding artificial Minerals, just with ingredients. Salt is also gonna do the deal with sodium/chloride. The rest has to be a appropriate mix of fuit juice/honey, Maybe coconut water, maybe date and/or maple syrup. Cheers

Shane Stephen says:

Funny how he still talks like this even after 13 million people telling him he sounds like an idiot. JUST TALK NORMAL ASSHOLE!

Ben Finny says:

I work for the corn sugar industry and I agree100% white cane sugar is poison! Who wants sweetener made from evaporated juice squeezed from sugar cane, when genetically modified and chemically altered corn sugar made by scientists is cheap and plentiful? HFCS#1

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