Mai Tai Cocktail Drink Recipe HD

mai tai cocktail drink recipe hd that is sure to get you going. Impress you friends with this sexy drink recipe. It’s one of the most popular drinks. From American Bartending School instructors in Palm Desert More drink recipes at


Fredrik Eiserman says:

Thats not a mai tai…

George Smith says:

Just horrible.

carstenjcool says:

I think it’s the best recipe here on Youtube, but let me ask: Whrere did you get a Speedshaker in this small size? I’d like to get one too.

walzen1 says:

Seriously??? Wtf was that?

James Vo says:

There’s no OJ or PJ in a classic mai tai, you’re disgracing trader vic

HolyCity2012 says:

The recipe text @ the end does not include Pineapple juice. Otherwise a good video.

Jimbus Animating says:

Dude a mai tai doesn’t even have amaretto, light rum, triple sec, oj, grenadine and pineapple juice. It’s supposed to be dark rum replacing the light rum, almond syrup instead of amaretto, and orange Curacao instead to triple sec. There’s also supposed to be lime juice instead of the pineapple juice, oj, and grenadine.

marco grefiani says:

Ma cos’è ???

Rafael Oliveira Bitter says:

I would like to replace the Amaretto with a less expensive drink. What should I use? 

Lorenz says:

this is a mai tai? you are crazy what a shit video….pleasae people dont follow this dude.

btfj123 says:

This recipe is killing me! Atleast he’s not reading from a card this time 

ryan lee says:

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! You are totally out of the wrold!

antonino ingoglia says:

Ahahahah sarebbe il mai tai???rum Bianco, rum scuro,orange curacao,orzata e succo di limone…

Manny Antunes says:

have you met jeffrey morgenthaler?

MisterDaniel O says:


American Bartending School says:

There as many recipes for this drink as fish in the ocean. This is one of the most popular. What’s yours?

Dean Hagnere says:

Good Hands catching that! Lol

Z0DIACV2 says:

wtf is this garbage

Stargirl says:

WHAT is the ORIGINAL form of it!!…

Rich Acosta says:

This looks truly terrible

Lalo Valtierra says:

i love te tiki cocktails, good video bro

MsCerise007 says:

Never had one made like this but it sounds good.

Peter Farion says:

nice catch…

Steven MacDonald says:

yes on the pineapple, no on the orange. and wheres the lime juice? sorry, no sour to counteract that sweet, only 19 yr old females w no drinking experience will say its great

Raul RomeoTV says:

I went to the beach this year and this was my favorite drink, best drink for the beach by far. 

Michael Kelley says:

I can’t speak for Ryan, but if I were a betting man I’d say something with rum, orgeat, curacao, and lime…

Bojan Antonijevic says:

Please delete this video… don’t embarrass your self any more!

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