Kamikaze Cocktail Drink Recipe

Kamikaze cocktail great drink that is a one of the most popular shots.More cocktail drink recipes and videos at http://barbook.com/drink-recipes


Brian Todd says:

the kamikazie I remember had vodka tequila It also had an oz of bacardi 151 ,pineapple juice ,Orange juice and garnished with orange slice and Cherry. they served them in quart jars .

6ix Cycle says:

Looked like you dumped that ice right back into the ice box, lol.

OmertaCS says:

as in a fridge

American Bartending School says:

Thank you for clarifying that Einstien

Arthas Menethil says:

the shaker they use in these videos doesnt seem to fit together very well, ive seen others that can be shaken one handed very easily but this one looks like it takes alot of effort to hold both halfs together

rwzal says:

OMG!! looks like my urine !!

Nwtella says:

since you are wrong i will let you know of your mistake, you shake a drink to emulsify the ingredients, like juice and spirits (in this case and many others) because they have different textures. its not to reduce the taste of alcohol at all.

Agamemnon Teng says:

yeah ure right…

Jesus saw that says:

That is a corny song or intro piece in the beginning… Nothing against electronic music. I enjoyed the rest of the video though

Golden Calavera says:

I like the trick to cool the glass,’cause I don’t have room in my freezer to keep glasses inside.

OmertaCS says:

for the record, now-a-days bars just chill their martini glasses….

Evan Taaved Pert says:

Ethane for you not me.
Go USA Freedom of Choice!

Education gud too!
I mean edumacaten!


OmertaCS says:

its also important to note that shaking the drink to get the taste right is not blending the spirits but water down the drink to reduce the taste of alcohol. just fyi

Kamelia Pop says:

pls can i have the ingredients?

jeanfra305 says:

You don’t remember it by vtr, you should remember it by vtl (very tragic landing), which is why is named kamekaze, well that’s what I was told anyway. It makes more sense though.

DeAndra Rodriguez-Turner says:

I also remember it as vtl very tragic Landing

Screaming Scarlette says:

Not all

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