How To Make A Zombie Drink – Cocktail Recipe

ready to mix a zombie cocktail?

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[Damian Liquid Kitty]
Hi. I’m Damian. Bartender here at Liquid Kitty at West LA California and we’re here to talk a little bit about Zombie. Zombie is an old tikki style drink that was created probably in the ‘30s. Rumor has it it was created by a bartender named Don the Beachcomber. There’s all different kinds of story about which bartender made it, it was probably around the ‘30s. There’s often arguments about which guy created it, which one didn’t. But anyway, it’s an old tiki drink with a lot of rum and fruit juice.
[The classic Zombie is bursting with tangy flavor. It’s notoriously “boozy” so be careful about how many you have.]
It’s typically made in a hurricane styled glass. Here at the liquid kitty we don’t have hurricane styled glasses so we use what’s called a “Napoli Grande”. It’s very large glass, we’d rather have large drinks here the the kitty. Might not be this big at other bars but here it’s a 16ounce glass. So fill the glass with ice. We’re gonna start with a little light rum.
[2 oz of light rum]
It’s gonna come out about 2oz of rum which is kind of a heavy pour from most places. And we’ll use about an ounce of a gold rum.
[1 oz of Gold Rum]
And an ounce of dark rum.
[1 oz or Dark Rum]
So you can tell it’s a pretty heavy drink, hence the term Zombie. Then we’ll top it off with some pineapple juice.
[2 ½ os of pineapple juice]
It’s about 2 ½ pineapple juice, or 3 oz pineapple juice.
[1 oz of Rose’ Lime Juice] Then an ounce of lime juice and then we’ll shake it up and then we’ll put some straw in. Garnish it with some orange and a cherry and then we’ll just put a flot of 151 Rum on top. [splash of 151 Rum on top] And that’s your Zombie. Some place you’ll find a lighted top on fire. Other places, they’ll use a different kind of recipe. Some will add orange juice, some will add papaya juice. There’s no 2 recipes of the same no matter where you go for this drink. It’s a pretty powerful drink, hence the term Zombie. You turn into a Zombie when you drink it. And it can be made in a different ways in a lot of different places, there’s no one-set recipe. But basically 3 rums with a top of a fourth rum, pineapple juice, lime juice and that’s your standard Zombie.


euro Europe says:

thank you

Kevin young says:

Everyone makes it a different way I agree but what annoyed me was that you were free pouring and you used lime cordial instead of fresh lime! But that’s just personal preference.

anaphaxeon says:

No falernum, cinnamon syrup, or absinthe? This is not a “standard zombie”.

Prince Joshi says:


ParaBreakdown says:

I have seen many variations of the zombie but this is the first I have seen that shows you how to make a cheap resort mai tai with extra rum in it. This isn’t even close to a real Zombie.

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