How to Make a Margarita | Cocktail Recipes

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sacco says:

This is one of the Top 5 best Cocktails ever. I love you Margarita!

budmocha says:

He says 3/4 oz. Cointreau yet he tops off 1 oz., then he says 3/4 oz. lime juice and again he tops off 1 oz. So is it 3/4 oz. or 1 oz.?

BUFF AF says:

Couldn’t find any of the ingredients besides the tequila. Guess I’m just having tequila.

Aaron Bhesonia says:

margarita the gayest drink ever

Alan Darwiche says:

This dude is the definition of a wanker.

Rose Cardona says:

Loved the recipe couldn’t be easier

sm0kemonster says:

this dude is using Spongebob’s theme

Queen Bee says:

şov yaptı orospu çocu

Felix Lighter says:

That looks great. But any recommendations on how to serve quality margaritas to party of 6-8 people?

skutms0481 says:

no salt

blentgirl says:

He reminds me of Adam Scott.

Chồn Alex says:

just like the man who made it

S says:

I usually just use a Boom Cup to make a margarita you can find the cocktail recipe and exact measurements right on the cup

Nik Taylor says:

I bet this guy has a really salty rim..

Dr Claw says:

Silver spoon mother fucker.

Talk slower please.

Michael Peeples says:

Damn!! Beautiful job, and thanks for the little extra tips to put it over the top!!

Øyvind Lorentsen says:

What alcohol-presentage (?) does the tequila have? My is about 33%; is that right?

Alexandre Carvalho says:


brokenarrowez says:

he massacred the traditional margarita with his own concoction.

Jim Spencer says:

great new margarita book with over 150 recipes, history and cocktail lounge suggested listening. (great video by the way)

ifell3 says:


pietrosammarco says:

I understand Cointreau is great, and I do usually use it… but when you say don’t use triple sec… isn’t Cointreau a triple sec??

Jean-Marc Henaff says:

this is not the correct way to do it

richard harrow says:

the way he was shaking that thing is probably similar to the way he jacks off his boyfriend

Geo_TYB says:

Hes trashhhhh lmfaooo!!

Whore Gay Washing Machines' Turtle says:

How much Agave Nectar did he put?

mark000068 says:

3:07 tells you what he thinks of himself

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