How to Drink: Jack Rose

Looking to cool off this summer with the best Applejack Cocktail there is? Look no further. The Jack Rose is it!
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My recipe for the lime wheels:
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This week on How to Drink I’m making a Jack Rose, a delightfully crisp cocktail to enjoy during the dog days of summer wherever you may be. Crisp, cool, tart and well… apple-y, the Jack Rose is really delicious. There are too few drinks that really incorporate Applejack and do it so well, so for Applejack drinks the field is a bit limited. Applejack is a apple distillate, apples are harvested, pressed into juice, fermented into cider, and distilled into spirits. After that with a bit of aging the Applejack is ready to drink. Traditionally Applejack is produced doing something called Jack Distillation or Jacking, which involved freezing the cider and pulling out the ice parts (water) to leave the alcohol behind. This is unsafe and unhealthy and strongly discouraged. No Applejack producer today uses this method.

Where does the name come from? There’s a story about a yeg (old timey safe cracker) by the name of Bald Jack Rose that’s gone around a bit, but this seems to be an unlikely story, at least according to Wondrich. The drink makes appearances in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and in David Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. The earliest mention of the drink in print go to 1905 where the drink was likely invented in New Jersey by Frank J May. It’s not until 1913 that Bald Jack Rose makes his appearance in the headlines, actually negatively impacting sales of the drink.

Jack Rose
.5 oz. -or- 15 ml. Grenadine
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. Lime Juice
2 oz. -or- 60 ml. Applejack
Serve in chilled coupe
Garnish with Cherry or Lime Wheel


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Nathaniel Bowler says:

Yes! One of my favorites. I go with 2 oz applejack, 1 oz lemon juice, 0.75 oz grenadine. A bit on the sweeter side. Gonna try your way though with the lime.

Joseph Rappaport says:


hayden carlton says:

There’s definitely enough room for two people on that lime wheel. Get it… like Jack and Rose in the Titanic…. Ugh forget it.

Ajinkya Joshi says:

This may stick out like sore thumb but i really like your short video format ? Will you ever do those again ?

Yoehty says:

I accualy learned “how to drink” in your show 😀 the way you act after the first sip is so great.
i try to do it after i taste a cocktail from one of my friends if its good.
that way they can realy see when its succeeded.

Jordan Stoll says:

I’ve never heard of a Jack Rose until now. I initially thought it was going to be a Titanic based drink. Pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t.

greg Bilotta says:

Picking apples by the Laird’s Headquarters is also very fun in the fall!

Biasboi biaston says:

Im underage but i like this

Matthew Stepp says:

New video!!! Yes!!

Scott Emerson says:

Never heard of this one before but I’d definitely try it! Thx for keeping em comin!

Tc Ferrara says:

I know what I’m making after work today.

Codemeleon says:

Don’t worry I like you Greg.

I need to try Applejack, I like cider but have never had Applejack.

Kyle Davis says:

I get so pumped up when I get a notification for these… Happy Friday everyone

S K says:

BG Reynolds Lush Grenadine is amazing. If you must buy grenadine, do yourself a favor.

R3fug33 says:

Isn’t Applejack a cereal?

MajorSrb95 says:

A new HTD video right after lunch? Bring it!

Donald J. Trump says:

Your videos are always a treat

Iván Trosic says:

Dude, come on with the spils!!!!!

Love your content, RLY do. But come on!!!

Joshua Steele says:

I always loved how this channel can go into cocktails and have a real passion for it while also not idolizing alcoholism or drunkenness like other channels.

Tucker Newsome says:

My day just got 1000x better

Nicholas Manthey says:

Don’t worry Greg, I like you

Jay Retcon says:

“I’ll see ya next week with something…………im just gonna finish this” i love it, great show as usual!

The Reluctant Duck says:

6:00 LIME JUICVE 10 quacks out of 10
Delicious looking drink!

Jack007 says:

“Tip it over and pour” half of it on the bar top

Tony Yang says:

Yes finally. Been waiting on this drink since I suggested it when you made grenadine. Cheers.

No Subs says:

That deer looks angry.

Cathuru says:

Looks delicious! Still waiting on that Long Island Greg!

tue4444 says:

What exact type of applejack are u using? Tried this drink with calvados as applejack is hard to find in Denmark, but that didnt make for a very nice drink, so I guess applejack is quite different?

Ivey Chanter says:

Well it’s 7am, I’m stuck in the office and now I want a cocktail. Thanks a lot sneaky shaker boy!

Drew Bergman says:

Holy crap, Applejack? Help bring it back, it’s delicious!

Peter Punch says:

I live in Normandy in France, I make this drink with Calvados ( our local apple spirits)!

Rose Reynolds says:

Aaahhhh your so cute I mean really you’re kind of like the will Wheaton of alcohol

Just some Dude says:

Yeah boai! Finally a new one 🙂

Tyler Figg says:

How does your ice crack so easily? Every time I try to crack my big ice cubes, I end up breaking out a meat tenderizer. I have broken three bar spoons trying to crack the ice the way you are doing it.

Nerd Vernacular says:

“At five o’clock I was in the Hotel Crillon, waiting for Brett. She was not there, so I sat down and wrote some letters. They were not very good letters but I hoped their being on Crillon stationery would help them. Brett did not turn up, so about quarter to six I went down to the bar and had a Jack Rose with George the barman.”

Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

Kevin Nordling says:

Your intro ALWAYS manage to brighten up my day

Jordan Koenemann says:

Happy Friday folks!

Nelson Ramirez says:

Damn it! Now I need to hunt down that Applejack. Never had it and now I want to try it. Thanks for another great show. Cheers!

Frogtown Road says:

I wanna watch this but I’m hungover and looking at booze ain’t fun….

Barr says:

The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” wasn’t about apples. I think maybe you referenced that on another video possibly.

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