How to Drink: Dark and Stormy

How to make a Perfect Dark and Stormy!
You’ll need some Ginger Syrup, Recipe here:


Welcome back drink fans to another thrilling edition of How to Drink! This week I’m making an Bleak and Inclement Weather, ok, it’s actually a Dark and Stormy. But fun fact, Gosling’s enforces a claim they hold over the copyright of the drink, and requires it to be made with their rum. Which I don’t do here, so maybe it’s not a Dark and Stormy? You guys be the judge. To make it my way you’ll need some Ginger Syrup, which I made earlier in an episode of Chaser, get the recipe here:

Dark and Stormy
.5 oz. -or- 15 Ml. Lime Juice
1.5 oz. -or- 45 ml. ginger syrup
2 oz. -or- 60 ml. overproof dark rum
a sprig of mint for garnish

That’s all there is to it! It’s a pretty simply drink and an easy one to make. I hope you enjoy it!

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Jacob Zeigler says:

I watched you for about a year before realizing you weren’t subscribed to, my bad good sir, these videos are made a just the right level of entertainment and ingenuity, combined with a relatable host that just makes you wanna just listen and learn. Great job!!!

karlinchina says:

Thought you were going for a Vermont accent.

Jeremy Dinsmore says:

I call it a “Dim & Inclement” when it’s not built with Gosling’s. Great beverage, can’t go wrong with good, strong ginger beer, but I’ll have to try some of that ginger syrup.

Max Schaar says:


Joseph Quillen says:

lol you’re the best man. thanks for all you do!

Patrick Baldwin says:

Been tinkering with this one while:
Juice of ½ a lime. About ½ oz
½ oz passion fruit syrup
1 oz Hamilton 151
1 oz Wray and Nephew white overproof
1 dash Angostura bitters
Shake with crushed ice.
Dirty dump into Collins glass.
Top with Reed’s extra ginger beer

Sean Maynard says:

Oh yes! I use the exact same overproof rum in my dark n stormies* with Fever tree ginger beer. It’s also my Friday airline lounge special, as I can usually find all the right ingredients. Love this drink.

SillyStonedPanda420 # says:

I thought you were supposed to use lime, not lemon

One Drop Mtg says:

Gosling’s bs with this cocktail is why I don’t buy their rum, especially after they had their lawyers bully a blogger named josh miller for suggesting using a different rum for the drink. I prefer Plantation or Smith and Cross anyways.

confusedwhale says:

2:49 was weird

Chris Kramer says:

overproof? you’re the second person i have heard this term from….the other from the last video >.> is there a story behind that? like how the term navy proof does.

Zack Stebbins says:

What happen with that color change?

Mumblefilms says:

Someone missed their cut on the adjustment layer at 2:49 😉 But this drink is great!

Pedro Bento says:

Always wondered why it’s not called a Jamaican mule…

Patrick Andersen says:

It’s inclement, not inclimate.

Great drink. Good for international speak like a pirate day – September 18th.

I like to use Stone’s Green Ginger Wine as the sweetness/ginger factor although I will try the ginger syrup.

The addition of a dark rum along with the over-proof rum adds a nice layer of complexity to the drink.

Awesome channel. I recommend this channel to all my friends and none have been disappointed. Keep it up.

Daniel Cook says:

He must have made a few before this one lol

George Scott says:

I am sorry, but that ain’t a Dark and Stormy

organicgrains says:

Easily one of my top five all-time favorite drinks. Wonderful! I completely agree that the layering is not actually necessary, I prefer everything incorporated myself. As a side note, I adore the rename. “Bleak and Inclimate Weather” although not as easy to say is much more fun to say, AND is something I feel Jack Sparrow would mutter on his ship while mixing a rum drink.

Raphael Gordon says:

I like using Reed’s stronger ginger brew and Myers’s rum, sometimes with a float of Smith and Cross. If you had a bar and wanted to serve that drink and didn’t want Gosling’s to come after you, you could call it Jamaican Me Crazy

Ellis Field says:

I like it but i still think ill be making it with some ice gingerbeer layer on some dark rum but i may swap the dark rum out with a nice over proof

phloebs says:

Greg how much did you drink that day?!

Spacialvekter says:

A Dark and Stormy without Goslings is usually referred to as a Rum Buck from what I remember

Exploring With ASMR says:

Did you shoot like 20 episodes in that one day?!

Joe Bear says:

Do a twist on fernet con coca (fernet with coke)

Mystic_Thing says:

Greg you got even fatter.

Aner says:

This is coming from a Bermudian, do yourself a favour and get some Gosling’s Black Seal Rum to try a real Dark and Stormy. The rum itself is just awesome, and you should be able to find it most places now. Gosling’s exports to most places around the world, and it’s not too expensive compared to other rums.

Hayden Dunner says:

Dark and Stormy is my go to drink (simple and delicious) I use to use Bundaberg ginger beer but now I use . It’s not really a ginger beer but more of a ginger flavored soft drink but it’s super spicy and makes a great dark and stormy. I bounce between Rums but usually settle on goslings or sailor jerrys (not a huge fan of kraken).

confusedwhale says:

Sun sick… You probably didn’t drink enough water. One of the main causes of a hangover is dehydration.
Pair the alcohol with the sun and you are in for a “fun” time.

Shaheryar Khan says:

You should do a series on how to make cocktail shot!

Simon Farrelly says:

Just me or is that a very yellow lime 😀

Creamy Boi says:

Oh Boy I Sure Do Love Me A Bleak And Inclement Weather

Colonel Fox says:

From what I understand, Gosling only has the trademark on specifically “Dark ‘N Stormy.” As long as you’re not calling it specifically that, it’s fine. Apparently to get around this (and I admit I only found this as I was writing this comment to make sure I wasn’t wrong about anything) the International Bartender’s association calls it a “Dark ‘N’ Stormy.” Though just calling it a “Dark and Stormy” seems to be what most people do.

Robert Rico says:

My wife’s FAVORITE. Cocktail, and a new way to make it, I’m in!

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