How to Drink: Bitter Paloma

This is the BEST PALOMA I’ve ever had!
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-Bitter Paloma-

• .75 oz. -or- 22 ml. Grapefruit Juice
• .5 oz. -or- 15 ml. Lime Juice
• 1 oz. -or- 30 ml. Grapefruit Oleo-Saccharum
• Pinch of Kosher Salt
• .5 oz. -or- 15 ml. Luxardo Bitter Bianco
• 2 oz. -or- 60 ml. Blanco Tequila
• Shake over Ice
• Top with Seltzer
• Garnish with Mint

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mutehowl says:

I like that bottle.

AirForceBalls says:

Hey Greg, just got off a 16 hour back of house shift and saw you posted and hand to watch it. I love watching everything you post. You make me a better chef, and more importantly, you make me a better host. I think I’ve said this before but if you’re ever in Pittsburgh, message me, I’ll make sure you eat and drink for free

Frame by Frame says:

you’re looking tan, my friend.

marioelbros says:

Lime juice is a key ingredient in a Paloma.

TheRandomAlienGames says:

Does that deer have those glasses you always wear in the chaser episodes, he is the mastermind of the whole show

Jeremy Pereira says:

Been feeling like real garbage today, and this episode (plus the rest of the series) has really helped. Thank you Greg

Ellis Field says:

Paloma one of my favorite drinks

TheTossFTW says:

So you are saying it’s 60°C in New Jersey Oo?

Linus Gustafsson says:

Looks absolutely delicious!

Hanky says:

Fav’d, this one i’ll definently try to make my self one day! Many many thanks Greg for the quality content.

22martinez1 says:

Is it really 140°F in New Jersey?

Aidan Craig says:

These beach videos are super goofy and i love it

Sware says:

Look at that diffuse illumination boy!

Lucas Selhorst says:

well i aint the tequila guy but sure ill try it out with some nice rum, why not 😀

Cocktail History says:

My favorite type of paloma is a shot of tequila and then a huge bite of grapefruit as a chaser

Morpheus drinking a 40 in a death basket says:

Man, these frequent uploads are great. Looking tan there too.

organicgrains says:

Paloma, by far my favorite drink (sitting up there beside the Old fashion). I’ll have to try this one, fancy it up a tad.

Greg Polkinghorne says:

Looks amazing. Will have to see if I can get that Bitter Bianco in Australia.

Vernon Santos _ says:

He barely spilled anything, *not a true How To Drink video*

Weer'd Beard says:

how does that Luxardo compare to say Campari?

billygoat126 says:

dude u need to make a mojito

confusedwhale says:

Salt also blocks your bitter receptors; so, it’s not nearly as bitter as it would be without it. That way, you don’t *have to* drowned your citrus in sugar to make it nice and tasty… But it’s still nice.

Mark Zammit says:

Exceptional Greg. About to start warming up in Australia, so this is going on the to do list. I need to get on and make some Oleo Saccharum. Can’t seem to source the Luxardo bitter Bianco here, so I’ll substitute Suze.

Abhiviraj Singh says:

Hold up! You picked up salt with your left hand in the zoom in shot, and the wide shot had you removing your right hand from the mixer after “sprinkling” the salt in. What sorcery is this?! 2:12

aR0ttenBANANA96 says:

hmmm I love tequila.

Nickolas Munoz says:

This just might the best drink you’ve posted. Please continue having drinks of this caliber. I can’t wait to try this but I can just imagine how great this tastes. Great job!!!

Aaron Smith says:

“Mint hint-“ *pause* “Mint hint.”
Those 3-4 prior drinks getting to you a little Greg?

Josh Kuha says:

Would still love to see a Paloma Chaser episode based on that top comment from the Paloma episode regarding the Swine Flu and all the beheadings… all that nastiness aside, the Paloma that person talked about sounded pretty damn good!

BuildPath says:

bro every new episode I have to keep going out to the liquor shop for a new thing
home bar is getting stacked up! can’t wait to make this!!

dvgrafix says:

That looks delicious. Keep up the great work sir!

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Refreshment!!! Need to get one of these asap

Guitar Player Graves says:

5:40 He’s coming to get one, too!

Luis Roque says:

The money shot…3:41…

Jacob Talley says:

I would love to see you make a sangria, one of my favorite summer drinks!

MrRideEverything says:

I LOVE your excitement and enthusiasm for this drink!!
Ièm really going to have to make this now!
Thanks for a great chanel!

Mystic_Thing says:

Greg you got fat.

Robert Rico says:

The best Paloma I’ve ever had was at Leyenda in Carroll Gardens, Ivy made it for me herself. I will make this and let you know.

Dareus Chen says:

Stop it. You’re distracting me from final exams. Just stop before I call the cops.

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