Healthy Lemon Drink – Lemon Juice Belly Slimming Detox Water Recipe

Lemon drink is very healthy. Lemon is so good for your skin and if you have a dry skin problem drink this juice regularly. Infact you are on diet or you need belly slimming detox water recipe then you should must try this lemon detox water. Do you know? this drink will going to increase your breast size.
Note: Lemon Seeds are extremely high in vitamin C and contains vitamin B6 and fiber, too. Do you know this is the main ingredient used in aspirin? So lemon seeds are really good and you are also adding sugar. This is the only detox water that contains extra sugar and its healthy just because of lemon seeds.


Anusha Ankolakar says:

Very sweet

Hani Dallas says:

Whats that white thing that comes after lemon juice

Adolfo Martinez says:

whats that white powder ?

The Canine Nutritionist says:

I ❤ lemon juice

Maira Cutie says:

Sugar se belly kese slim hogi? -_-

Zecyre says:

1 cup of sugar isnt exactly healthy ^^

Karthik Reddy says:

Pls don’t try this bcoz it consist sugar and it is more calories


1 cup of sugar?? really and those nails-disgusting!

Nishi Mor says:

Lol… 1 cup of sugar can never make a healthy drink

kavitha dhandapani says:

is it healthy by adding this much sugar…. your title is not supporting your video….

Dhurvi princes says:

is recipe of mango juice

The Canine Nutritionist says:

Subbed and notifications on

Dhurvi princes says:

nice juice very tasty

AzureCuzYeah says:

I call bullshit on the lemon juice. Takes forever to juice them and get the seeds out.

Stella Patajac says:

Is it alcoholic? Are lemons alcoholic? I need to know please help me I need my goldfish drunk for tonight and if it’s not could you recommend me the most alcoholic beverage you know? Thanks. Greetings from Czech Republic 🙂

Mathu Vithiya says:


Niels Daemen says:

The sugar makes it unhealty!

Neha Jain says:

so much of sugar

Deepa K says:

What’s that white powder ❔

music warld suriya suraj says:


Awesome Forever says:

I stopped watching when you added 1 cup of sugar

Disha Tawde says:

u r giving a wrong advice in ur diet sugar we need to have sugar but not one cup only less amount

sunil r says:

Sugar is extremely unhealthy.. pleas change ur title

Fouziya Tandel says:

wo white powder konsi h jo aapne daali

Ayan Ali says:


Menaka sreenivas says:

Ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice,,,,this is not healthy lemon juice

G Craft says:

Too much sugar!! is crazy

jsaipriya jagan says:

Is that ice cubes

Prabhu Raj says:


Reshma Begum says:

you cannot keep in Hindi you bloody basket you idiot you don’t know to put you don’t know to put you are lazy

Girl called Tamanna was making history without you says:

why would you even add sugar if u wanna be slim?

Healthy Life Tips says:

Thank you so much for this informative video
this is my video:

All I can say is says:

A load of rubbish

Jagan Dalai says:

hat bhosdik 1 cup of suggar Kanah ka weight loss drink me he

Ananta Video Gohain says:

very refreshing drink. I try it .

Arnab Roy says:

1 cup sugar for a healthy drink …r u serious????

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