DIY Bubble Tea Drink / Boba Tea Recipe! 2015

♡ DIY Bubble Tea and Boba Tea Recipe 2015! I show an EASY boba tea recipe for how to make bubble tea at home!
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DIY Galaxy Oreos:

Hope you guys liked the video! I promise more videos are coming soon, including my BACK TO SCHOOL series! I hope you’re excited 🙂 If you’re reading this comment: “Niall loves bubble tea” somewhere in your comment. Idk. I love you guys, haha.

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Slime Toons says:

Can you use Agave?

Lucy Burke Johnson says:

Thanks so much this helped me a lot 😉

Iumy Chan says:

Bubble Tea is vorbidden in germany:(

Nebulous Solar says:

where is the tea?

Petra Ral says:

“haha Don’t mind my Starbucks cup” hay nobody cares that you go to Starbucks

actuallyisangel says:

Trying this diy

Glytch Harkness says:

All that copy written music

Kpop Trash says:

Tea drink??? Wheres the tea???

yee yee says:

thanks meg

Olivia Sallis says:

There’s no tea…..

Bretanya Williams says:

It’s not Bubble Tea without actual tea. This a smoothie with the tapioca in.

Twisted__Mc says:

No tea not boba !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Nguyen says:

Hear is an alternative way WITH tea

1. Make some tea of your choice
2. Mix in 1/3 cups of milk to every 1/4 cups of tea
3. Add sugar to sweeten
4. Add ice
5. (OPTIONAL) add tapioca pearls

Pofol 044 says:

Whats the name of the song of the begginig??? Pleas answer

tobi rotten says:

you eh.. you seem to be missing the tea?

Nessa says:

tea without tea um ok

Natabeanz says:

but that’s not tea… where is the part where you incorporate tea into the beverage?

VioletA Velaz says:

Can you use mango jellys instead of boba

Evette Abron says:

i subscribed

Frisk The Human says:

Not to be mean or anything but Bubble Tea has tea in it…Whatever though smoothies with tapioca in it are just as good! 🙂

ItsMeNatalie3 says:

My sister works at this place called 1102 bubble tea and bites and the boba there is so good also they have macarons, creme brulee and yea its gooood

Yas says:

“needs to be thick, you don’t want it to be too thin”????? Like It’s supposed to be thin!

Amirol Abdullah says:

i never drink the boba tea

Varina Vang says:

But I would be offended because American call it smoothies I’m really disappointed and I’m Hmong so I know a lot about my culture

Sabrina Hussain says:

drinking strawberry bubble tea while watching this

Alex W says:

You forgot the tea like oolong tea and tea like that

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