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This sweet, refreshing recipe is a home run…give it a try!

Cantaloupe Basil Agua Fresca

Serves 2


1 cantaloupe, chopped into large chunks
3 cups water
Juice of 2 limes
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp salt
10-15 basil leaves, chopped


In a blender add the cantaloupe, water, lime juice, honey and salt. Puree until completely smooth. Strain through some cheesecloth, making sure to squeeze out all the liquid from the pulp. Add the basil and let steep in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Serve this refreshing beverage over ice. If you’re feeling frisky, you can make a cocktail out of it by just adding vodka. Happy summer!


QuietHero says:

PERSONALLY, there’s no need to drain, but some people hate PULP. id rather use sugar than syrup, i always try to stay away from any kind of syrup

itsaquagmire says:

@itsaquagmire when the sweet season *ends. yes, I know they don’t grow in NYC. 😉

Icedtea117 says:

This has got to be a brilliant new way to make a refreshing drink during a long hot day. 😀

Patricio Xavier Barros Barros says:


AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

You have to specify in the video.

VictorNiss says:

Screw having a chaser, just make it a cocktail. Use either Rum, Vodka, Tequila, or Whiskey (probably not a bourbon) and blend in ice like a margarita. Then steep in basil. Sounds ultra yummy. c:

Jannatul12 says:

yummy..thanks for sharing

RatBath says:

why chop it if you are gonna blend it?

Артем Легатюк says:

приедь сделай мне такой.!!!

nimbus1983 says:

As far as i know cantaloupe and mango are two diferent things. She used cantaloupe in this video not mangoes.

VictorNiss says:

Who said this was healthy? Also, honey is a preferable alternative to sugar, especially to diabetics.

Ayesha Saeed says:

is it tasty?

jerzeydolphins says:

I don’t mean to rain on your nice recipe ,BUt aint no way in he** i eating cantelope after 2 straight years of that crap having somenella and killing peoples

nimbus1983 says:

lol btw, my name isnt from harry potter althogh there is a broom on that movie with my name, my name actually comes from the Dragon Ball Z series. The little yellow cloud. :p

Angelwise11 says:

I woulda just put the basil in the blender and not strained anything.

itsaquagmire says:

lovely. I think I’m going to try it with some white rum. Anyone know when summer-sweet cantaloupe season in the northeast US?

AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

I was trying to ask about what it should be mixed with, with a sarcastic tone to show that it only sounds good with liquor, but it came out wrong and I couldn’t think of the right word.

Marcos Gonzalez says:

Squaddd shit

NitricSun says:

@freeman67891011 Haha honey is good for you! It won’t make you lose weight super fast though, if that’s what you’re bitching about

kakarusato says:

Damn that looks awesome

stalemate59 says:

Thumbs up for Waldo T-shirt!

Rahil Sethi says:

why add honey when cantaloupe itself is really sweet!? I would add honey later on if I need more sweet taste

goduxunike says:

Well, gotta make myself one!

blondwiththewind says:

Always great to find new ways to use basil…a great superfood…LOVE it!

VictorNiss says:

Add tequila.

TheLegend1245 says:

half frozen cut melon into a sorbet:)

Nate Walking says:

Where did they say it was “healthy” for you?

howdyrogit says:

I just made this today! I somehow remembered the wrong measurements and freestyled with the ingredients a bit. Didnt turn out fantastic, but nothing a little moscato couldnt fix! Perfect summer drink 🙂 thanks kin!

theknitter says:

am i the only one that recognized that as a veggietales song?

Ali M says:

This video is sexy.

SHARON R. N. says:

This sounded good, so naturally, I had to click on it. 😀

SixStringSlinger says:

using a juicer would be a lot easier…

Fiora Emerald says:

I really am not a fan of drinking basil. Especially not when you make it look like seaweed. But the cantaloupe aqua fresca sounds delicious. :3

Erin Blockabitch says:

sorry but that looks gross, and needs ice.

zackjames09 says:

I might try this recipe 🙂

zackjames09 says:

Haha it’s always the same way how i make my cantelope shake, i just add ice and sugar! Really taste great 🙂 i

felineoverlord says:

aw this sounds great if my love wasn’t allergic to melons.

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