Butterbeer from Harry Potter | How to Drink

This is the REAL Butterbeer, a recipe from 1588 that is one of the best things I’ve ever drank. Wizard approved!


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Typo Alert: I’ve just caught a typo in the final recipe graphic in this video. Sadly, I can’t fix it now.
“1 inch grated nutmeg”
should read
“1 inch grated ginger”

There’s something so darn Chistmassy about the Harry Potter films, particularly the first few, that I always thought of them as Christmas Movies, even though maybe they’re not. Well I’m kicking off this holiday season with a hot mug of cheer with this 1588 recipe for Butterbeer. I know there’s a ton of nonalcoholic recipes out there for Butterbeer and those are fine, but honestly, I think this is more in line with what J.K. Rowling had in mind when she wrote the books. For starters, the kids need to grow up from Pumpkin Juice to Butterbeer, implying there’s something more mature about it. Secondly Europe and the U.K. are a bit more lax in regards legal drinking ages, and I’d imagine wizards even more so. Thirdly, Butterbeer is an actual real thing, found in a Tudor cookbook from 1588. Was J.K. Rowling specifically referencing this recipe? I can’t say for sure (unless she wants to answer!) but I CAN say that I was shocked to discover that Nicolas Flamel was a real person, who wrote a book on alchemy and the creation of the Philosophers Stone. They have copies of it at the NY Public Libary reference branch, rare books section. So, she wasn’t strictly making things up with these books. So, this Butterbeer as the official Wizards Butterbeer? Maybe.

Making this episode was the first time I’d made butterbeer, and I’m just gonna be frank: I loved it. This stuff is incredible, though perhaps best in moderation since it’s not far off from pancake batter. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a huge hit at any holiday party you through. Enjoy!

• 3 pints -or- 1.5 liters Real Ale
• 1 inch fresh grated ginger
• half a teaspoon grated nutmeg
• 6 cloves
• Heat to Low Simmer
• In separate bowl beat together:
• 1 cup -or- 225 grams demerara sugar
• 5 egg yolks
•combine with ale mixture
• melt in 4 oz. -or- 100 grams of butter
• serve in a mug and garnish with nutmeg

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vytae9 says:

I so want to try this recipe but I live in australia atm and it’s like 30-40 degrees most days so it might be a bad idea…
I’m gonna have to wait for autumn or winter damn

Franco Martinelli says:

Does anybody knows what brand or kind of Ale is he using? I want to make this recipe but I’m not sure how that is called in my country so I wanted to take a look at the label. Cheers!

Robin says:

Will definitely make this over the holiday, seems lika an amazing drink!!
Keep up the good work 🙂

kydd666 says:

Does this have to be made fresh or could i make it the night before and reheat it the next day when guests come around?

Kebab with extra garlic mayo says:

all my exam stress dissapeared watching this video, hope to make this soon,

N A says:

For anybody interested the beer he used was Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale.

llcoolmartine says:


Bryce R Perez says:

Unfortunately im not 21 but I love to enjoy art videos of this medium, this is actually so interesting as people don’t usually think of making drinks to be an art but you truly make it so.

irving woodland says:

cool recipe but you talk too much dude

John LeKernec says:

How much alcohol evaporates from heating it up that little bit? Was it noticeable, or not so much?

Deeran Foxworthy says:

OMFG That Bedknobs and Broomsticks reference!! THANK YOU!

Jwp7488 says:

Nice job! Just made some myself and it wasn’t exactly what I expected but it’s friggin delicious! I’m curious to see what it’s like cold but worried the butter is going to solidify. Might have to try it with different ales and see what works best. Cheers!

Shrimant Saxena says:

if you dislike the taste of beer, is this not a good recipe to try?

Deathrider says:

I don’t know where the notion that alcohol “cooks off” or somehow evaporates during cooking, but it’s absolutely false. Boiling ale isn’t going to diminish the alcohol in any real, measurable fashion.

William Pettersen says:

Your channel is the main reason i’m a bartender now, love your stuff sir!

alex mccutchan says:

Would it solidify if you chilled it

kape kape says:

Is there anyway to avoid using eggs?

lemonlickinlarry says:

Do it with some herbal infused butter for that extra somethin’

Volkz VLOGS says:

LMAO… A bed knobs and Broomsticks reference!

Alex says:

Tried it out, great drink for cold and dark weather!
Only thing, the taste covered the alcohol, and now I’m a bit drunk.
Thanks for the idea!

Matt Windleborn says:

Dam I so need to make it now. Watching this just made me so thirsty haha. Alright supermarket here I come!!

Mitchell Gillett says:

Speaking of beer, I think it’d be cool if you found an excuse to make beer on the show

Dan Browne says:

Recipe starts at @ 3:00

BancroftOutdoors says:

O’Doule is weak “non-alcoholic” beer that I was able to order as a teen. They don’t allow that any more.

Jack Bryan says:

What do you do about the bits of ginger and cloves floating in it? Strain it?

Loic Delhom says:

That drink really look perfect for Christmas !
I’m so going to make it … And maybe make some little tweak of my own .

Jessie Foster says:

Harry Potter and Fallout themed drinks? It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year.


You all forget that America is one of the few places were you have to be 21 to drink.

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