Amaretto Stone Sour Cocktail Drink Recipe

Amaretto Stone Sour Cocktail Drink Recipe is a nice refreshing cocktail that is a customer favorite.Hundreds of drink videos at and mixology information. Don’t forget to subscribe.


Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster says:

HI,  There, every one,   I  love  this drink,  when its maid right  right  its the best best best best best  cotail,  ever,   its  my favorate non alcohol drink  ever!  I  love it  its  my drink when I go  out  with friends ,   a friend introduce this drink too me ,    im not a drinker  im not,    I   hate alcohol,   I don’t get drunk,    I don’t beleave  in  getting drunk,  but I love fitting-in  with others,  when   I’m  out with  my friends,  or on a date,   insteed  of just having  a  7-up or sprite  or juice,     I’LL have a non alcohol drink,   and a friend introduce me too this drink,  a   Amaretto stone sour,   its the best best best   non Alcoholic drink ever,  for me,   and it taste so good  and when  its maid right,right right  right   its the boom!  it taste so good,  its so far is my only drink,   I haven’t had a lot of drinks   i’m willing too try other non  non  non  non  non alcoholic drinks as long as its looks good taste great with nooooooooooooooooooooo alcohol in it     I do not beleave in getting drunk    but   I    beleave its ok to have a cotail  for your birthday celibrations,    special occations  , its ok   but I don’t beleave  one has to get drunk to socialize or to have fun   I  beleave in responsible drinking,   and  I don’t beleave one has to get drunk to have fun,  it would be wonderful   if drinks were transform from alcohol,    too non alcohol drinks,    I  beleave  if  all drinks   all drinks  was transform too non non non and no alcoholic drinks   I think that would  solve a lot of at home problems in the homes  and on the road problems   I do  a lot of problems would be solved if there where more non alcohol drinks,  in this world, that’s my opinion,   but I do love this non alcoholic drink  called an  Amaretto stone sour its my favorate cotial so far and it has nooooo  alcohol in it,  an   I can’t taste it    and I don’t get drunk,   and it tastes amazing, when its maid  right, I beleave in responsible drinking in every way  a toast too very responsible and non alcohol drinking,   I thank you all. very Sencerly , Thank you,      amen  amen.  From Miss Phyllis Renee Foster.  2016

joseph burtulato says:

I just made it with fresh lemon juice and it is f***ing awesome!

herox04 says:

Your company is a disgrace to the industry. I pray people have the common sense to not go to this school. Sour mix?! Seriously? and the weakest shaking i’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Jesus G says:

Lol he was drunk!!

Eric Colvin says:

Awesome drink even though I don’t drink.  It’s fun to watch

dugar78 says:

This is my All Time Favorite drink!!!

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