6 Classic Cocktail Recipes!

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Today we’re making 6 classic cocktails that are perfect for summer.
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1oz vodka
2oz cranberry juice
1oz grapefruit juice
lime for garnish


2oz peach nectar (or peach puree)
sparkling wine

Pineapple Fizz

1oz coconut rum
2oz pineapple juice
soda water
fresh pineapple for garnish

Classic Mojito

½ lime, sliced into 4
8-10 fresh mint leaves
1 tsp sugar
1oz white rum
soda water

Blue Lagoon

1oz vodka
1oz blue curacao
3oz lemonade
cherry for garnish

Purple Cosmo

1½oz vodka
½oz blue curacao
1oz cranberry juice
lime juice


Asriel Dreemurr says:

Is It Now.

_Bordz_ says:

your shake is weaker than those drinks.

Delgado Eve says:

I drank all those before hitting pride

Sir Teddy Fortesque says:

Can anyone tell me, do you have to drink if you want to be good at making cocktails and mixing drinks?

Zaleth Cruz says:

That’s so cool

Semika Xoxo says:

I love it made them all for my mum she loves it and the rest of your videos are so cool

Mani Maker says:

Interesting recipes. We are using a little different recipes for our cocktails, but your ones are also well done.

Miss Amaziin says:

Curacao..thats my beautiful island!!

Saida says:

can you make mocktail recipes?

Ayame Thompson says:

What I always do is a mix little bit of rum and some juice of my choice.. ha. Thanks

Asriel Dreemurr says:

Wow, This Is Amazing!… Greetings From The Surface!!!

Jannes Willich says:

I didn’t understand what You’ve said while putting the blue liquid into the glass , becaurse I ‘m a German . Can you tell me what the name of the blue liquid is , please. Thank you!

Thompter S. Hunson says:

People remember: *No matter of what you saw in this video, you ALWAYS use brown sugar on your Mojito.*


Nikolina Lubura says:

Is soda water mineral water? juuust checking


+Domestic Geek Its So Rainbow That I Wanted To Make It 😀

Jazzpunk says:

Love These recipes ^^My Instagram page is about cokctails. If you like you can follow me and learn a lot other recipes: @_Jazzpunk_

Louie Washbrook says:

Try to muddle the lime first and then gently the mint in the mojito. You don’t want bits of mint in your mouth!

A D says:

are every cocktail are with alcohol what if some of the kids want to taste isn’t there cocktail for kids

BeautyNailFashionist says:


Shehani Wijesinghe says:

this deserve more views

Sven S. says:

Did you really just shake sparkling soda water? You do NOT shake sparkling water in a cocktail. You top it off … but not shake it with the other ingredients …
Blue Curacao … citrusy? Orange flavour girl … holy crap.

Kelvin ExileShooter says:

This is really helpful because i am entering a contest to serve any kind of cocktail so Blue Lagoon’s gonna be great!

Edson Pinto says:

wauuu muito bom!!!

huzkaduzka says:

Sorry, but why would anyone shake soda water?

Rajendran N says:

well done ……
I loved it….

alexander kyei says:

i love the way you mix the cocktails. Can u please show me more of the cocktails by sharing it in my facebook account (kotiefatherchristmas kay bee). I will be glad if i see more video and skills of the cocktail mixes. Thank you….

Andrew John says:

blue curacao is from my island

sabir ali says:

i’m thirsty now..

Zaleth Cruz says:

That’s so cool

Make Me Your Monster says:

totally off topic but…..omg I loved GirlzTV

Adrian Tech9610 says:

Did you shake with soda Water ?
Only half spoon of sugar for Mojito ?
Do you call cosmopolitan that drink ?
A cosmopolitan without Triple sec it is not a cosmopolitan, good bartenders know what i mean.

Dina Mercedes says:

I love to watch you

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