5 Fave Iced Coffee Hacks

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I’m sharing 5 of my favourite iced coffee hacks & recipes!

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Sara Lynn Cauchon shares 5 iced coffee hacks.

Hack #1
Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Try adding sweetened condensed milk to your iced coffee!

Hack #2
Simple Syrup
1 part sugar
1 part water

cinnamon stick
vanilla bean
grated coconut

Heat until all of the sugar has dissolved. Try adding a cinnamon stick, a vanilla bean or some grated coconut. Strain all of the solids out and pour into a heat proof jar. Add desired amount into cold coffee.

Hack #3
Inside Out Iced Coffee
brewed coffee of choice
1 tbsp of chocolate sauce or caramel sauce
milk of choice

Brew your coffee. Whisk in chocolate or caramel sauce and pour into an ice tray. Add coffee ice cubes to a glass and top with your milk of choice!

Hack #4
Vanilla Ice Cream

Add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream to your glass & top with your favourite hot coffee!

Hack #5
Coffee Smoothie
½ cup strong cold coffee
1 banana
½ cup vanilla yogurt
1 scoop chocolate protein powder

Add all ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth! Enjoy!

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Heather Gingerr says:

emma chamberlain is *shaking*

Kathlyn Rutledge says:

Can I use cookies in cream ice cream in the ice cream blend #icecream lol

Edward Henderson says:

these look good. good job.

Chris Sila says:

Your Best Cup of Coffee at Panorama #LakeNaivashaPanoramaPark

Lau n' Ley says:

The coffee cubes tho!

Katherine Sharpless says:

Also if u want a vegan version there is sweetened condensed coconut milk :):) it’s just as good:p

Paula Müller says:

Only watched one video and subscribed!!

Oh look it’s levie says:

1:40 i am now using this for a fow days and i’m LOVING IT OMG

iMohammed7 says:

The last one is ❤️❤️❤️

Patches Neshell says:


Andrew Mckibben says:

All I have is a Keurig and I have no idea what makes each coffee different so I don’t know if I need a special machine or where to begin

Ashlyn Saathoff says:

Can i save extra boiled sugar sweetener for later or do i need to use it immediately after mixing? If i can save it, where and how do i store it?

Victoria Chestnut says:

Can you store simple syrup in the fridge?

Francesca Imparato says:

nient i men me fatt vuta’ u stommc c schif

Andrew Hawksworthwood says:

I made your iced tea and its amazing your a hero for making these

melliesa robles says:

your so adorable !! cutest ideas for ice coffee

c a t says:


Phillip Smith says:

Cold. Brew. Cold Brew.

Kaitlynn Rodriguez says:


Steph Belle says:

Well I need a fast one so I can take to school instead of going to Dunkin donuts every day

Aaliyah Cornejo says:

the smoothie is really good

AlieLibriana says:

Idk why I’m here when I don’t actually drink coffee

Peaceful Painting says:


megajames3000 says:

These are recipes. Not hacks.

Megha st says:

Looks delicious

Chad Burnett says:

Just got into Ice Coffee last few months. Never drink coffee before, my wife has been drinking coffee for many years, which she has stopped and switched to tea. Well, I tried several places like Dunkin, Starbucks and a lot of new places that are now open. But at $3-$4 dollars a serving, I had to do something, so I started making my own. My wife makes the coffee and I add Chocolate Almond milk for the rest of the jar, plus just a little stevia. I don’t drink regular milk, haven’t for over 30 years. I have used Vanilla almond milk for a change of taste. Love Domestic Geek, she is just too cute and fun to watch, 🙂

melanie geevers says:

watching this while being lactose and caffeine intolerant lmao not my best idea

Tuggle Miles says:

I’ve done all of those hacks in the past.

Kamilla Iqbal says:

Add whipped cream or chocolate chips

Alexis Ariana says:

Emma chamberlain who??!?!

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