5 Drinks and Mocktails Recipe | Five Easy Refreshing Colorful Holi Recipes

Holi, the festival of colors is all here! Cool yourself down with these colorful & refreshing drinks. Apart from relishing Thandai, here’s five more options for you which are as colorful as gulaal! Red – Strawberry Sharbat. Green – Kiwi Mojito. Purplish – Black Grape Soda. Orange – Orange Mocktail. Yellow – Mango Smoothie. Easy. Simple, Refreshing. Energetic, No-Alcohol.

So what are you waiting for, Make these recipes and Enjoy Holi through food as well! Happy Holi, Play Safe, Use Organic Colors(or maybe just make these colorful recipes and serve your guests and celebrate a No-Pollution Environment Friendly Holi) 🙂 And being without alcohol or bhaang, it is great for kids as well.

Recipe – http://cookingshooking.in/holifivedrinks/

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daddy's girl hubby's life says:

how long can we store strawberry syrup ?? plz tell me …

durga love milan says:

Wow look yummy. Happy Holi to you too

mahima bhoria says:

Hey I tried it n it was amazing …keep making videos I watch them daily…hehe.!!!!

Shobha Jain says:

happy holi sir and thank you for teaching us

buzon1658 says:

Wonderful!  I so enjoy your videos. You have an authentic gift for both cooking and presentation and I look forward to each and every video.  Keep them coming, and thank you!

dipalee86 says:

Loved it. Need to try

My Name is Not says:

yeah this is totally simple to make… I would rather drink gin and tonic for simple refreshness…. Mojito is more easy than thi ss

Hafsa Shakir says:


M7amad Elbalasi says:

Just some Arabic to make the comments of the video global

Hung Le says:

Your pinky chubby little cheeks are so adorable :*

supper sexGlory Benya says:

I want this strawberry jucie!

Farhat Saba says:

what is sparkling water

craft gaming says:

Why do you have pink paint in your face

Nabila Rahman says:

does sparkling water means plain soda or ginger ale???

M7amad Elbalasi says:

احلا لايك شيف لاحلى شيف
Am not swearing don’t worry I like the video

F R Naqshbandi says:

for how long we can keep the strawberry syrup because we can’t fine it always?

Ciara Corr says:

what were the seeds****

Raj Kaushal says:
Ciara Corr says:

way we’re the seeds?

Vin S says:

Happy Holi to you and all your family. Keep cooking. Lots of love puttarji

Virajit Singh says:

what is sparkling water

Satyapriya Pati says:

you are too cute

RoShNi ShAmNaNi says:


Ciara Corr says:

this is brilliant

supper sexGlory Benya says:

I want this strawberry jucie

Snowshoe says:

Love these recipes. Subscribing

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