Yummy Dessert Treats | Red Velvet and Oreo Surprise DIY Treats | Easy Recipes by So Yummy

Learn how to cook these Yummy Dessert Treats with this super recipe video, perfect Recipe compilation of DIY treats, for more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-innfDSdyM&list=PLKpGBDk4Hp8rjzAeHNQ5WpIkNjdbJaWN9

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Tanya Soriano says:


Fruit NinjaSK says:

Only 20k likes?

Dreamer says:

Are you From Sweden?

leanne gwen says:

Iam so vere hungry

sifa redmi says:

good so yummy wanderfuul

Nandini Koli says:

It is my first time to make this

Anisha solanki Love says:

So yummy

Nitsa Amanda Oz says:

creative inspired dishes, artistic presentation, mesmerizing!

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Ama Darko says:

so yummy !!! I wish I could take stuff out of the screen!!!!

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There are so yummy

Firdous Khan says:

I love this channel plis love it too

liaan milhem says:

can you pleas not put a backround music were people sing like the ice cream song

Barnabás Sáfrány says:

1. perc gyerünk!!!!


What’s up with all of the dramatic zoom ins?

purnima singh says:

After seeing this I become hungry

Anju kamalia says:

looks yummy

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Is so yummy blossom???

Hina Shaikh says:

What are ice cream song

Shawn Mendes says:

Very yummy!!!

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Whoa Whoa did I just see Snickers Cheesecake . I have got to get my ingredients list checked out. I Love Snicker SO MUCH!!!!

Angela Stewart says:

I think l am talking to my self Xd

Emma Vazquez says:

mmmmmm, so yummy.

Кристина Прос says:

Churros without cinnamon? HELL NO

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Paloma Pacheco says:

When I grow up i’m going to do those recepice

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Me encanto estoy fasinada

So Yummy says:

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