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Desserts !, Ever wanted to make your own? we have just the video for you. Learn how to me some yummy desserts with this easy to make recipe video.

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Yatika Thakur says:

I love the Brazil one Recipe.

S. Gillham says:

Did anyone else hear the lightest hums

Abby Rei Gatchalian says:

I want a face reveal

Aien Fatihah says:


me and toyS says:

Soooooooooooo yummy I want to eat all of those

khan khan says:

Seems so tasty I wanna try !!!!

wow world says:

U belongs from what country

Belinda Smedley says:

We’ll play a little game! If you like, whatever number is last is what So Yummy’s food you are! Ready? Go!
1= Twix Cake
2= Yellow cake
3= Monster cookie icebox cake
4= Italian International dessert
5= Piroshki
6= French International (crepe)
8=Nuttela stuffed Red velvet French toast
(Only going up to 8 because I know this won’t get any likes)

Arfa Hussain says:

You guys are the best edit: love you so yummy

xunicornsx 11 says:

People normally add heavy cream to melt chocolate so it’s nice and thick and creamy and that’s a great idea

Sangeeta kamra says:

awesome video

its unicorn says:

This food is making me hungry

I love pusheen cat says:

The first one is pretty much a farrero roshe or however u spell it

Pati Cernat says:


Juliegt5 Mabaga says:

So yummy



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