No-Bake Eclair Dessert Recipe | Episode 1148

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Jason Hawley says:

Thatta girl…delicious and simple….

Maya Sehgal says:

hi is that vanilla custard pudding???
and what is the substitute for gram crackets??
i am from India. can i use digestive biscuits?

romani wijesiri says:

My mum makes something similar called biscuit pudding. This too looks gorgeous

Veldine Francois says:

sooo I tried it and… it was a fail
I don’t know what I did wrong

Brittz N pieces says:

What’s an alternative to gram crackers in australia

BTDT says:

I made this today…it’s in the fridge right now….will let you know how it turned out 🙂

Tanya Rahman says:

Where is the recipe? Need to know the measurement of each ingredient

Yvonne Feezle says:

my neighbor made this for me once and it was sooo good!

lou loulou says:

Hi Laura love the way you cook and bake Your baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky

kavya agarwal says:

I can’t find unsweetened coco powder.What can be the substitute for this???

JoAnn Oliveira says:

Soooo gonna make this for the next family gathering. Looking great, Laura. Hope you are feeling good and loving motherhood!

kayla says:

She was seriously the most adorable pregnant lady

Rosalie Salonia says:

laura why are you not on tv

Hak KimChheng says:

Tropical Seafood Pizza please! Do it as The Pizza Company do. Thank you so much!

Haithm NewYork says:

Omg ! I will make this for sure !

Ali Shan says:

ingredient quantity ?.

Heni Lee Reis says:

Laura on your unbaked eclairs is it possible instead of graham crackers that you could use something might be a little I’m not sure what they’re called her doesn’t like the little cakes that you make tiramisu whip if so can you let me know thank you

April Neal says:

I like that it looks good going to try it on our family day

Saad bin azam says:

I tried it but it was so strongly sweet

Nabiha Farrukh says:

I made this today, it was soooooo good!!!! I used 1 tub of cool wip instead and it was still very good!

Morgan White says:

Adopt me

Elsa Balliu says:

i love the way she presents and the way she cooks if course. so clean and neat

preciousleo6 says:

When is the baby due?

FlyingMonkies325 says:

Damn… i need to make this *lick lips*, as always the best bit is when you take a bite out of it, i’m like a puppy going O_O lol you make me hungry.

Potato Queen says:

Its my childhood dessert

jakesotherthings says:

Why am I watching this? I’m on a diet 🙁

Tharuni Dileka says:


jakesotherthings says:

Why am I watching this? I’m on a diet 🙁

farzana farzana says:

everything is tolerable, but those moments when you taste the food …OMG ….I can’t really stand that part…..all ur videos are extreme satisfying and feels to watch more..great Laura and best of luck

sam smith says:

Laura has an Orgasm as 06:20 and again at 06:37

Jeta Jeta says:

Please add ingredients with gram.
How many gram is 3-1/3 ?

Yoga Mohan says:

on refrigeration will those crackers soften or you’ll feel tat crunchiness while eating??

Aydarus Mohamed says:

Hi, Laura, are you actually from Switzerland? You look like swiss. Can you speak Deutsch or Italian. wish you all the best!

Yash Singh says:

laura please get us some eggless and meatless recipes.

Olivia Robinson says:

Just like desert lasagna. Easy! Or at least Laura makes it look easy. <3 <3 <3

Priyal Gulati says:

What to use instead of gram cracker?

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