How to make Butter Mochi – Soft Chewy Hawaiian Desert recipe

Have you had Butter Mochi? Let me show you how to make Butter Mochi
This easy butter mochi recipe goes together really quick and bakes in just about an hour. This soft chewy hawaiian desert gives you the best of a butter coconut flavor along with the awesome texture of MOCHI! If you’ve seen my mochi video then you know how much I LOVE mochi!

I hope you enjoy my simple how to make butter mochi Hawaiian snack

Music by Joakim Karud

Where to get the Mochiko (Affiliate link – I make money if you buy anything from here)

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Siarra Thorne says:

I got mine from for 1.98

Thomas says:

Looks so good! Good job!

Chaz Blanks says:

That looks great, can’t wait to make it.

kahiauandkeeaola808 says:

My fav dessert dish ever!! Mahalo for the upload

Terri Eplen-Kleen says:

I got my order placed through your Amazon store!! Added the Greek yogurt too because it LOVE that stuff!!

Snapdragon says:

Is there a good substitute for coconut milk for this?

bluestarberry says:

This looks DELICIOUS. Great video, as always 🙂

Elijah Plummer says:

I wounder if 7-11 cheese cake bread is butter mochi because it tasted buttery and a little salty but i didn’t care for that pat that made it cheesecake

Tom Nash says:

I absolutely love your style and presentation. I found you via Nick Nimmin’s channel and I have to say this was really a well produced video and a pleasure to watch. I’m going to give that recipe a try tonight when I’m hungry at night lol. I have been a youtube content creator for a while and as someone who focuses on helping youtubers grow their audience I really love what you did with this channel. You just earned yourself a new sub!

killmax2025 _ says:


Critique808 says:

This is not Hawaiian food. This is Asian food.

Nicktunes says:

I don’t know how I stumbled on this channel BUT I am soooooo glad I did! Subscribed!

blind tree man says:

You pronounce the first half of motchiko perfectly, just use that and thats the proper way to pronounce mochi

wildan maaruf says:

Wow keep it i love you channel

Debbie tungate says:

I loved this video. All your videos are great. I also loved how good butter mochi seemed. I ordered the rice flour as soon as the video ended.. unfortunately butter mochi did not make me as happy as it made you.

However I’m going to keep watching and keep trying recipes 🙂

Thanks for making the videos


I’ve spent a lot of time in Hawaiia, never had buttermochi! Thanks for sharing! and also thank so much for the facebook post. Appreciate that brother!

Egz 52 says:

Only 7k subs?? WTF

Hannah Webster says:

Thanks for linking the mochiko! I’ll definitely send a picture your way when I make it!! 🙂

Vaidar says:

an hour at how much degree? and celcius or fahrenheit?

Cooking With CJ says:

Looks tasty Mark! Another winner. And you didn’t have to clean anything off your lights this time! Cheers!

roberto de jesus says:

Notification squad!1st

Miranda Mom says:

I tried making vegan butter mochi once. It was an epic fail. ☹️

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