Healthy desert recipe – I’m a beast at my new hobby

This Healthy (low calorie) desert is my secret weapon for keeping my sanity while I’m trying to lose fat. Heres the recipe.

50g Pumpkin Puree
25g Protein powder
10g Kodiak Cake pancake mix
10g Natural peanut butter
add water until mix is baby food consistency

Strong mind strong body

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rhea h says:

How long did it take you to drop the weight?

damian walker says:

Do you cal count?


i did dead lift today and im having a lower chest pain in the middle and i realise there is a slight deep there,should i be worried?
PS.i can breathe properly and everything

kslickentertainment says:

Healthy snack video’s looked blessed. Love the work you guys do.

Corey Manning says:

I manage a marketing team for a D1 university’s athletic teams. Specializing in digital art and graphic design. You e helped me with your videos let me help you with your business. Get well. Get money.

Monissa Cave says:

Could you sub almond butter for peanut butter?

melmayback says:

How many calories do you consume a day on your healthy eating? And how many times was you working out a week to get in shape like you are now?

Futbol Everything says:

Please do more healthy deserts

J Optiks says:

Brix try to invest in a Gary Fong diffuser for your camera flash, it’ll give your shots a more natural look. Get the collapsible dome attachment

WWambition says:

Really like the intro

Junior F says:

Super dope as always!!

Rigo Martinez says:

Would definitely love for you to do more healthy desserts. Puh-leeeeease

Sean Walters says:

Came is a real one for knowing classic Gucci #salute

jose 577 says:

Hit that LIKE button people ! BRIX ALL DAY !!

Journey_to_fit says:

I always wanted to get into photography ever since I was in high school just wish I have the funds for it. I did once had a nice cam set but being in ghetto ass Detroit someone broke into my house n took my cam set n my laptop set too i was so mad cuz I paid some good money cuz I wanted to start doing photography yea that was 12 years go n sometimes I wonder where I be if they never took my sh*t

jose 577 says:


Jo Bess says:

I thought it was just me! Every time I do HIIT I feel like I didn’t do enough. Love this channel bro!

Gabriel says:

you should watch something on youtube or netflix while doing cardio. it flys by

cwb623 says:

I’m an amateur photographer but I would love to do a photo shoot with y’all in the future

Kico7575 says:

As always…..EPIC with the desert!!! Great shots, if anything, people gonna be reaching out to you to take some flicks!! Can you do me a favor. Let me know if you could give me the break down on that 20 minute sprint workout! Love running…Plus Im gonna do those HITS you posted the other day.

Transforming The Bear says:

Well….if you’re back in Raleigh and need a photographer….you’ve got my number. Haha.

Eric Johnson says:

Bricks not only am I just starting out on my journey but I also print T-shirts how do I get in contact with you by email or what please let me know

Sean Walters says:


Makesi Richards says:

need some help brix with toning up my body advice

Laydell Wilson says:

Shout out to the cashier at Nordstrom lol

450TNKA Fitness says:

Yes, please share more desserts

jbiz360 says:

Please do a video on wearing sauna suits during workouts

Damon Love says:

I am going to have to try this. Thanks bro for another Amazing vlog.

Mark Gil says:

Have same issue i workout good feel like i didn’t do enough when i no i did

Gilbert says:

dam looks good going to try it this weekend

GEORGE costanza says:

brix ,you aint that good !cami is just so beautiful that a blind man could do the photoshoot!!lol.nah im just kiddin.i love you guys gtrain is the man!!!!

GeauxJorgie says:

yesssss do more healthy deserts

Vincent Sorel says:

Colored whip cream wtf???? I guess thats american

Wes Wood says:

Brix what’s good homie, been checking your channel for a good min now, keep up the great work. Secondly, how do I go about purchasing your shirt?


can you do a Keto Desert!!!

Eric Alaniz says:

Photography? Nice man! I’m a professional photographer, have been for a couple of years, hopefully I find a passion for fitness and nutrition like I have for the camera. Sony shooter?

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