Guide to Grilled Bird Meat! NEW RECIPE 2018 | Black Desert Online


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Visor Overwatch says:

Another way to keep you logged on playing this Korean cash grab.


30.000 chicken meat before the patch, now 0 lol

TenchiHawkwing says:

Gonna take me forever to burn through all this chicken meat I have stocked up but I am ‘so’ glad to finally have a use for it!

Fernando Tovar cruz says:

Hello Tres, i´m from SA servers and with todays update Giant Pearl Oyster Shell drop was removed from Giant Pearl Oyster. We dont have this drop any more. Also all gatheriable drops from margoria where reduced 33%. Can you check pls if this is also heppening on NA and EU servers? Thank ypu!

Ferradar says:

Put the game the video is from in the video, it helps you get searched by people

Rvynn says:

I wish I could be playing, but alas I am a filthy Steam user. :c — On the plus side, I look forward to making the new recipes!

MrLazyleader says:

You are awesome!

Mishima says:

*I can not do in Turkey servers. When is it online ?*

CleverCracker says:

The imperial recipe is for Five-Grain Chicken Porridge Cooking Box. If you actually have plenty of chicken meat you can make it also. Luckily they aren’t dumb enough to make the stamina recipe into imperial. Its a miracle.

Kevin Helmy says:

Why do you think the imperial one is not that good? can you elaborate?

CleverCracker says:

NEW make money trading guide 2018 forget calpheon special cook birb meat make recipe and feed node empire for big wealth in BDO. Ship to port ratt, do max cooking, feed and sell 2 make max silver. Incredible game changing tactic will make u thicc with money. Trust me -top lifeskiller na regions

Tres says:

**CHICKEN MEAT HYPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Also don’t forget to let me know what you guys think of it!**

Virjil Agbanlog says:

all the chicken meat in sea are sold out lol

James P says:

Wooo beer is so much more expensive compared to this, I got some serious cooking to do! Do you know how much xp per craft it is?

James Zeng says:

Finally I can get rid of chicken meat xD. And rip beers I don’t need them anymore LOL

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