Fruity Crisp Oreo Cheesecake Protein Dessert Crunch Wrap Recipe!! Save 30% by using “FDL” Save 10% by using “FDL” Save 15% by using “FDL”

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Marcelo Perez says:

Love your channel! I’m new to flexible eating and I’m so happy I came across this. You’ve put a new engine in my dieting life.

Janice Glassman says:


Michael Flammia says:

Can you make that and keep it in the fridge till the next day? cant wait to make this. keep the videos coming. you the man.

Dayz_legend says:

wow that looks soooo good

Erin Ferguson says:

Oh man! I went to make this this morning (team dessert for breakfast) and was SO bummed to see I was out of my pudding mix. It’s going down tomorrow!

Kate Harris says:

More recipes please! 🙂

Britta Spitzer says:

TAKE ALL MY MONEYS……This looks so amazing.

Shawna Kay says:

Have you ever tried to cook a crunch wrap in like a panini press or foreman or waffle press? Curious if it would work

Hannah Sibbach says:

I just tried making this and I had to take half of the Greek yogurt mixture out of the wrap because there was no way it was all fitting in there! when I folded and wrapped it up it STILL wouldn’t seal so when I cut it in half and try to eat it its going to fall all apart. what did I do wrong????

Ramiro Uribe says:

need to see some more cookie dough creations!!!! please!!

Stephanie Ramirez says:

I’m sorry if I’m missing something, but are the macros for this listed somewhere and I just don’t see them? This looks amazing!

Hunter Craft says:

this was awesome my friend

Brandon Groom says:

I don’t think Cheesecake jello is available where I live…any possible substitutes for it?

Yas Corte says:

Wow…. nice recipe:)

Ramona Debono says:

ohhhhh yeee this is about to go down in my kitchen! !! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! was so intrigued whenever you make it haha!!

Ekaterina Timofeeva Love says:

Wowwwww! A bit of a pain in the ass for every day but totally worth once in a while!:)


Not same kitchen as 10k vid. In other vids Ive seen your mom and dad with you in the kitchen in this vid. Dont you live with them? Who owns nice condo @ beach in 10k vid?

Andrew Zimmer says:

How many inches wide are those tortillas? I tried to pause, but I couldn’t tell.

Emily Guzman says:

Yaaaaaassss i can’t get the crunch wrap technique down:(

Elliott Hastings-Rose says:

Loving the videos dude, keep up the good work – the world needs this information!;)

Nicole M says:


Max E says:

Hey zach I live in beijing and here we dont have access to fat free cream cheese or SFFF pudding mix… anything that would replace those two things? I know the cream cheese can just be life full fat or smth lol but if theres any other macro friendly option to substitute. Thanks!

Francisco Bautista says:

I get the crunch wrap technique down but i always have too much greek yogurt sticking out at the bottom that it wont close all the way. How do i fix this?

Kaitlyn Bailey says:

PLEASE MAKE MORE! Can you make some dorm room friendly (microwave/mini fridge only) macro friendly recipes?

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