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unicórnia kauai says:

El soy al única que habla espanhol ela conzinha muro bien

Rose Gomez says:

I love these,
It’s just that they have waaaay too much chocolate! Would be a good idea NOT to have to much on these.
Anyway, good job on your vids! And everyone subscribe!

samiaht busari says:

I love it

AMANi 227 says:


Yin Fan Choi says:

Wow wow

boonk gang says:

it look good but im not catching diabetes

Adirah Gray says:

7:55 is the same desert as the previous one

Flame YT says:

They said no bake in title

MeLlaman Antonia says:


jenna ester says:


Jeremy Horna Nieto says:

Bien Bonito pero en Español

Mahua Ghosh says:

so good

MiAmora Briggs says:

Not to be rude but your deserts are repetitive…. you made to pretzel brownies 2 times in the same video and the banana split bar

Mahua Ghosh says:

the ,2th one why did he fry ?

Morita Tarimo69 says:

I like so yummy channels

Margaret Lawrence says:

3.16 there’s a mistake in wordings.

Simor Lacika says:

Mindegyik nagyon finom

Margaret Lawrence says:


Alex Yang says:

Is this is bake, or I’m blind

Saif Uddin says:

I love so yummy

Grishma Chaudhari says:

2:00 that’s how I make pancakes

moon adura says:

Live in a constant state of fear and misery

notsomuch_bored Aziman says:

+So yummy your recipe is So yummy

Dielsje Flower says:

No bake recipes right??

Mahua Ghosh says:


Olivia Frautschi says:

Umm the brownies two times ??????

Dennilyn Catagcatag says:

It says “No bake cookie box cake and it’s not even a box cake it’s a circle cake

Lizbeth Adame says:

Your homemade recipe looks so good I wish i was a friend of your’s

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