Easy Churros with Chocolate Sauce Recipe | Spanish Dessert

Churros are deep fried pieces of buttery dough, coated with cinnamon sugar and served with a chocolate sauce. It can be eaten as a snack or dessert. Churros are loved all over the world and are very easy to prepare with a few ingredients. It is sure to make your children happy. Do try this recipe and if you liked it, please like and subscribe to our channel.

Full Recipe – http://www.cooktube.in/recipe/churros-with-chocolate-sauce/

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h says:

la wea rancia

Taimy Bringas says:

What is double cream?

Cayla Pine says:

this looks so good

Levyaani Manivellu says:

I’ve tried it today… Its really good

Nilsa Ehterami says:

Can u use plain flour?)

TriciaJoann says:

I made some but they exploded on me lmao

Genesis Franco says:

Can i use self rising flour instead of all purpose flour??

Kaia B says:

How many churros you get from thia recipe?

hangbokhae says:

can i use evaporated milk as a substitute for the double cream?

Andrea Martinez says:

this was a really good recipe

Jimena Martinez says:

Los churros en España tienen otra forma

zulekha saudagar says:

In the vdeo it is return 1/2 cup flour & in detail recipe it is written 1 cup plzz anyone can explain me ???

ArisaStudios says:

How much is 1/2 cup in gramms? :/

Viktoria says:

i have been looking for a churros recipe for a while, and have given so many thumbs down for chefs not including the exact measurements in the video. “You add some water and some flour” but how much is “some”??? Some chefs try to direct the viewers to their website claiming that you can find the detailed recipe there – which basically means that i should dig up the particular recipe from hundreds of others, frankly, like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 🙁 I really really appreciate that you include exactly how much I need to add, I can now just go and make some churros. Finally a huge thumbs up! 🙂 Thank you

Aina505 says:

Wheat flour can ?

Justa Channel says:

Damn the surface of the ganache breaking got me a bit emotional

i've been TAEHYUNGED says:

can i use any butter instead of unsalted butter?

Charles Martel says:

You can use any kind of flour, any kind of whipping cream, any kind of flavouring, eggs or no eggs etc. Change the recipe slightly each time and see what you prefer. Unless you add arsenic or cyanide it’ll be edible.

Aamirah Mulla says:

What’s the alternative for a piping bag

Kama's Queen says:

I love Mexican desserts and food

It was my first Culture growing up

You don’t understand how important and how much I love Hispanics

This making me hungry plus I wanna cook and make Mexican desserts

farhaan matwadia says:

Isit okay if I leave it in fridge over night

farhaan matwadia says:

Thank u

Baixa Memoriana says:

you forgot the eggs

Linda Hussin says:

That looks yummy…tq

Gharsalli Houssem says:

How da hell churros without eggs?

Lexie Dixon says:

I love this thanks x

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