Chocolate Sponge with Fresh Ginger – Gordon Ramsay

This unbeatable combination of chocolate and ginger is sweet and a bit spicy. Perfect for dinner parties, perfect for Valentine’s Day… a really great recipe.

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Eagle Beagle says:

I like how Gordon moans when he’s cooking.

NinjaDragon says:

Does Gordon Ramsay always call Honey, Golden Syrup? Because the Honey is Golden Syrup.

Khaled KHALED. says:

you are the best – KSA

Eduad Ains says:

how dare you not show us a cut piece of this cake?!

Pukes says:

This world is so unfair. Why wasn’t I born into the Ramsey family????? ….

Larry Frazier says:

Always can learn a few tricks from Gordon

victor peeters says:

Apologize murder chest offering shared limit violation thing ship prohibit excuse.

Savage Sports says:

Where’s the lamb sauce?

William Wildash says:

looks so good might make it myself.

Juli1us Juli1us says:


Jeremy H says:

Last video you would want to watch while fasting

AwesomeAna says:

Gimme now. I want the cake, give me the cake.

Scarlanz says:

Chocolate boy

nsl009 says:

El titulo esta en español y la mayoría de los comentarios esta en ingles. Que mierda?

Jelly Person says:

I apologize if i sound stupid but does anyone know what type of flour he used(bread flour, all purpose flour)

sily sister says:

Why did I think sponge cake will look like jiggy cheese cake…

Hafsa Gani says:


Muhammed Parvez says:

But where is olive oil, salt and paper

Warn Gamers says:

Watching him when eating gives you appetite

Dave K says:

I fucking love this man

Sergi Alonso Morillas says:


Josue macias mrtz says:

Gordon ramsay is the bob ross of the kitchen… When he isnt yelling

The sandwich says:

If it’s already been greased with butter, why bother with the flour? Sorry, that’s probably going to be obvious isn’t it?

Who we are says:

I’m only 14 and I’m already learning how to bake and slowly learning how to make my own food

Gabriel Noon says:


Florin D says:


George Papadakis says:

How are his children not obese

Kao H says:

what would the world do w/o eggs

Conan Sin says:

His passion is really undeniable .. such a great cook .

Hope M.J says:

When you where cutting the cake……………..MMMMMMMMMMMM

Harmonisa Bibby says:


Alexis Martinez says:

was that milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Aspen72 Hello says:

U should bake a huge cake for people in the hospital

Q Q says:

Ma ti si obicni buzdovan.

Derek Price says:

Make love to your wife the same way Gordon makes love to baking a cake

Brad Hoopes says:

Question tf is golden syrup and does he mean heavy cream or cream cream

prettydays says:

I could watch this man cook all day. It would be a dream come true to make something with him one day

Eli Guzmán says:

Lots of people saying they don’t even know how to turn the oven, I’m here I am, thinking I could pull this off but having literally no money to buy the ingredients.
Let’s join forces people, you buy the ingredients and I’ll bake it. We are stronger together

Durlabh Bhaya says:

Nice recipe

zul fadli says:

Cake orgasm #passion

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