CHOCOLATE DESSERT RECIPE – No Bake No Cook Competition Recipe

Learn how to make Chocolate Dessert Recipe for No Bake No Cook Competition.

This desert is so simple to make that you can make it in no time if you have all ingredient available at home.
The only change I made in the video is that instead of adding bread crumbs I have added biscuit powder and it also taste equally good 🙂
During my early Junior college days I participated in a cooking competition except there was nothing to be “cooked” in the competition. The name of competition was “Cooking without Fire”. I made this simple chocolate dessert using readily available ingredients in kitchen. So this dessert was quickly assembled and presented in the competition. To my surprise I won Second prize.

Detail Recipe of Chocolate Dessert – No Bake No Cook –


– 2 cups Biscuit powder
– 3/4 cup Fresh cream
– 3/4 cup Chocolate sauce
– 1/2 tbsp Sugar
– 2 pieces Cherry for garnishing


To Prepare Ingredients

1. To assemble this quick and easy Chocolate dessert recipe all you need is to prepare ingredients and assemble them directly in the serving bowl / cup or glasses.
2. Also take fresh cream and add Sugar as per your taste.
3. Take the biscuit and grind it in a dry mixer grinder.
4. Now take Chocolate sauce / syrup in a bowl and start assembling Chocolate dessert without baking or cooking.

To Assemble Chocolate Dessert – No Bake No Cook

1. Place the serving glass / bowl and add a layer of biscuit powder. Make the layer 1/2 inch thick.
2. Now pour Chocolate sauce / syrup and make another layer again 1/2 inch thickness.
3. Similarly its time to add fresh cream so make another layer of fresh cream with sugar.
4. Repeat the steps and make alternate layers of biscuit powder, fresh cream and chocolate sauce till it fill up the serving glass / bowl.
5.On top garnish with a cheery and keep the dessert refrigerated for at least 20 minutes before serving.

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Sweety Sony says:

Plzzzz tell me the name of the biscuit plzzzz i have to make this for compitition

lovely priyanka says:

I am going to do this
for my competation

Khushboo Agarwal says:

Which type of biscuit pwder we need telll fast

Sahil Yadav says:


anand chordiya says:

we don’t have to put sugar

akash semalty says:


Jaganathan P K says:

I’m going to do this for my competition

vanram mawia says:

l dont have chocolate dessert…………..chocolate is my dessert

Kaniza Lohawala says:

It’s too yum but how many layers should we add


I am going to do this for my competition

THE HSB says:


Sadhuna Majeed says:

which biscuit want to use

chandrasekar arjunan says:

Can’t you tell which biscuit you used?

Rashi Agarwal says:

Wonderful Video

shanker venkatesh bhat says:

hi iam prarthana send more videos on desserts suppppppper

Siddiqe Sulekha says:

Wow ossum .I am going to do this desert for my competition. Please say the name of it and biscuit used in it.Plese I am waiting for your reply 2 days for competition

Nida Fatima says:


Harshit Gumber says:

What is the name of this dessert

U Y movies says:

Which fresh cream we have to use

Sarika Raut says:

Won 1st prize by making this

IshuKidChef says:

i made it

Bhumika Thakur says:

mam isme konsi biscuit ka powder hai

Ramanji Aruna says:

What is the name of this recipe

Sarika Tekriwal says:

Can I add amul fresh cream to this?

vidhi shah says:

Can anyone tell which is the biscuit which is to be used for making powder

Keerthu chandran says:

biscuit name??

Rakhi Mandhan says:

Fresh cream means Malai a what

Harshit Gumber says:

Which biscount we take to make biscuit powder

Jayasheela Sheela says:

Thank you I have won

Abhishek Abhi says:

very nice in cooking without fire l came first supreeeeerrrr yummmmmmýyyyyyyy

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