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Benny Benyapa อิเหวิ่งของแม่ says:

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Miroslav Horváth says:


Bugang Squad says:

Bigyan niyo ako hungry kasi ako

Fadhiilah Nadya says:

Makanan yang dibikin yang terakhir sekali pasti daging babi kan

DogeOnToast ! says:

And yet this says only desserts

Lissette Cardenas says:

que rico

So Yummy says:

Watch our top 10 Cakes Recipe Video!

Summer Treats!

Acacia kautai says:

that spggiti looks disujsyjn

Skaidrių Gidas says:


máslo cz says:

I am hungery :O

Fitriani Fauzan says:

so yummy!!

Lissette Cardenas says:

so yummy

Sandwiches ButteryPopcorn says:


Gayathri Singh says:

I love it

Bunnak So says:

One copy Sarabeautycorner

מרים הילהבריל says:

חלכ. טים. ו. חלכ. מגיל.

ItZ ThiRstiE says:

2:02 what the fuck is this song bahaha

Romane Gray says:

so yummy in my tummy

Lannie A says:

This made my hungry…

Naima Kaddur says:

J ai f aim

Edgar Jermalaev says:

ice dick

Eyeliner Films says:

OMG this is amazing the u our videos!!

January Jernigan says:

When they played that song about ice cream and whipped cream it distracted me from the actual recipes

Silver wolf says:

I can feel my life expectancy dropping just watching this video

Wienia Wienia says:

so yummy I like

Jeancarlo Arteaga uribe says:

Y me and your friends

magic bubble says:

I like the pizza one that made me hungry at 2.PM and I like your videos love you

Jindřiška Fantova says:

Sou aktivit in bomerank Is sistr love Is So yummy

하비 says:

I am a fan of Korea! Beauty is beautiful, no advertising, no advertising, always good luck cooking. Please ask.♡♡

Sandra Ternera says:

Guys this is a once in a life time chance THEY SHOW THE ACCTUALL THUMNAIL IN THE BEGINNING

Isabel Gonzalez says:


Dariana Arredondo says:

You now the roll have fun

1 cake
2 cupcakes
3 ice crean
4 lolypop
5 sugar cookies
6 milkshake
7 macarrons
8 pretzel
9 aplee pie
0 you chose

Have great day tell me wat ya get

mark has jams says:

ARMY fans would only understand this joke (BTS)
Wow so much Suga is used

rianny violet says:

cheesy mashed poppers

Hey pass the cheesecake!!! says:

I’m too poor to make this but this looks so awesome and tasty

Khojen Ma says:

5:15 3:53 6:13 < ----- not so yummy yummy--------> 0:12 1:08 1:55 2:23 4:30

이채은 says:

I like the colors. They r so pretty.. All of them 🙂

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