Looking for an easy desert recipe to make for a BBQ or party? Then have l got the recipe for you!


Louise Hickinbottom says:

bbq banana what!! ha no chance of a bbq here its England. weather is s**t here

Louise Hickinbottom says:

ha i wish

Michael James says:

greg, you are cool man. i had these recently for the first time as was shocked how good they were. the people that made them used chocolate pudding instead of ice cream (too hot in florida for ice cream, melts too quick) my girlfriend first thought the idea was not so cool until she had a bite and loved it. I am in in sweden now and am bbq master next week and doing your exact recipe. i will do a shot in your honor while cooking. actually quite a few shots and will sing the banana song after. thanks

Daniel Esser says:

greg: dazed in the kitchen

Simon Moreau says:


ForgiveAndForgett says:

Haha you’re my favorite!

Stan Smith says:


Greg's Kitchen says:

Hello from Australia!

Michalle Deyarmett says:

These got me laid! Thanks Greg!

shaboythetom says:

Last night, I modified your recipe for some pineapple spears and it was wonderful! (Being from Kentucky, I used Bourbon instead of rum.) Keep up the good work!

riven1008 says:

Bet you enjoy depthroating these

Greg's Kitchen says:

it tastes great mixed with butter and poured on a banana

Soren Ingram says:

Cripes You Sound 100% Cut after Blowing Trump Nasty and then feeling the shame. And Look like a Muppet 🙁

JOE & MAX says:

Should I use rum because i am a kid

JOE & MAX says:

I don’t won’t to swear but I didn’t ask you bitch pussy

Manseeb Zaman says:

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum

MaNaF Poductions says:

Lol i did not know u can BBQ Banannas 😮

Greg's Kitchen says:

then come to Australia!

Samantha B says:

Greg, you make me want to cook!

Chris Dwyer says:

I added vanilla and cinnamon to the mixture as well, it was amazing!

Jacob's Kitchen says:

0.35 that monkey bit was awesome

gazebo46 says:

I don’t see myself going to a BBQ any times soon.  Could I fry the bananas instead?  And when are you going to get some kitchen utensils?  I thought for a moment there that you were going to pick up all those grilled bananas with your fingers.  I hope you used a fork at least.  Thanks!

Alex Ngan says:

Literally u cut the bananas and made a Banana split

Chris Dwyer says:

Just made this, your potato wedges, and steaks. Yummo, as you would say 🙂

Greg's Kitchen says:

thanks Claude 🙂

CL2KSF says:

looks like someone is gonna add jack daniels!!!!

Greg's Kitchen says:

thanks , i was born with it 🙂

ianmcnll says:

Another great video…I am a musician as well…keyboards…played pro for many years…love your presentations and wit…quite similar humour to here in Canada. Your singing is…ah…oooh…original!  Can you tell me about tattoo on left arm? Cool!

Palmina D'Alessandro says:

Looks yummy 🙂

nikkilondon says:

Miss u Greg….get in touch mate.

Youssef Seleem says:

الخمر حرام

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