Awesome Dessert Sweet Potato With Coconut – Cooking Dessert Recipe – Village Food Factory

Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Dessert Sweet Potato With Coconut – Cooking Dessert Recipe – Village Food Factory
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kamruzzaman kamruzzaman47 says:

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmahhhhhhhh awesome

Kirsten Wegmann says:

..tolles Rezept…danke 🙂

Gina Cable says:

Did we really need to see all the peeling for gods sake!

swsh0221 says:

Here’s the recipe for those who didn’t get it:
– palm sugar (if u’re not sure what it is, search it up)
– sweet potatoes
– a bit of salt
-shredded coconut
And they were just letting the kids guess what was in the pot. The girl said some sort of potato desert and the guy said palm sugar. Lol

CYBanglaTV says:

very good food i kike it

Leslie G says:

Looks yummy. Cute kids too.

nova papacosta says:

Yummy……love….love it!!! oh i wish you near, I love so much this kinda food! Happy new year and more Blessings to come. Thank you for showing…..gust LOVE this snacks so much. regards from Cyprus

Mahora Dewes says:

Looks great. I like to make it myself but dont know what the thick syrup is .Has anyone got this recipe so l can make it ? Thankyou.

Miracles Happen says:

Very beautiful presentation of how to make this dessert the traditional way. What a beautiful family! Thank you and chok dee!

Alicia Zagada says:

Why do they have the dog beside the cooking place and why can’t they cook in a better setting like real kitchen or cleaner place!!

Sparky says:

Is this girl the younger sister of the other girl in the other video?

burger zhots Oneil says:

The liquid is coconut sugar

Alice Yu says:

She is 100% organic look..beautiful!!!!!!!.not like plastic surgery look…lol

Arash Abigail says:

In 06.35 what is that?

Grove Bai says:

Looks delicious ❤

teresa olofson says:

coconut water boiled reduced to a brown heavy syrup shreaded coconut added and potatoes ?

abdulhamid abedin says:

I miss d’ old days when we’re back in elementary…

ALaurel Jordan says:

Just thinking–how would a privileged 13yr old react if they had to prep a meal THIS way instead of tossing everything in a microwave? Can you imagine the whining about missing cell phone calls,
having to wait for their clothes washer, etc etc !! LOL

Eleftheria Kontogianni says:

What was the other ingredient she poured first and looked like honey? Was it honey ?

burger zhots Oneil says:

Your dogs so cute…hahaha

Angela Bastos says:

My Natural, ganhou mais um inscrito. Adorei, lindo!

nicole cameron says:

Don’t like scraping aluminium into my food, toxic utensils

Kanchan Mishra says:

by raha

Jenive Panes says:

They are thai so they dont speak english

Ginnie Cruz says:

Damn she a champ if she eats the entire bowl! Lol

ALaurel Jordan says:

I want that monster peeler! That’ll do it!Oh, yeah!!

Phaith Kellen40 says:

At last i am familiar with this meal,sweet potato is also a staple in my country Kenya,and i love the recipe,i sure will try it out..u are appreciated

Janet Wunder says:

I can’t identify some of the ingredients.

Marvin Norman says:

Where you from and how did you learn to cook so good

Cheryl Aralan says:

from where are they?

Maycie Urriola says:


Hannahsarah Orkaby says:

Such a quiet place

Mag Kyt says:

What was the thick syrup she poured into the pot first?

Jerick Belo says:

From where country is this?

Reeyas Reeyas says:

Yaru ne pavama really ghost you are not cooking you eat early loose ghost

Jurila Detablan says:

hay naku! hintayin mong matapos slice,

abdul rouf says:

pl tell ingrident name in english

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