Awesome Dessert Banana With Coconut Delicious – Cooking Dessert Recipe – Village Food Factory

Hi Guy today i want to show you about: Awesome Dessert Banana With Coconut Delicious – Cooking Dessert Recipe – Village Food Factory
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Railma Carvalho says:

Oi jovem bonita. Que gostosa receita com melaço, banana e côco. Obrigada. Pode nos mostrar em outro video esse pequeno fogareiro? Gostaria de fazer um para a minha casa, gostei dele demais. Já estou inscrita. Um grande abraço, felicidades!

leilaineify says:

Nossa fico com água na boca louca para experimentar todas as comidas!!
beijos 😉

Perla Gomez says:


RnBSoull S says:

That’s going to be a very very sweet desert. Bananas alone has a lot of sugar. Great effort tho

reymil baga says:


Kimso Channel says:


Olivia Ivy says:

It looks amazing

Fabio Tome Dourado says:


Maria Magusib says:

my favourite banana with coconut

David Valdez says:

Youre so cute young lady

Strangedays Confusedways says:

looks like a very delicious dessert. Thank you for showing it.

Faiza Ali says:

Wow very good sister

Anu Das says:

I don’t think it’s delicious

ravi ravi says:


Larry Song says:

Thumbs up one more time

brave 1234 says:

what is that brownies color or the thing you put first on the pot? can anyone tell me?

arigona thaqi says:


Margaret Maina says:

Looks yummy

Juliana Fraga says:


Emma Escorian says:

nice tlaga yong nluluto nla kya lang hnd ngsasalita

Diana Hernandez says:


K M says:

Awww!! She’s so cute!!!

David Valdez says:

Thumbs up

Raaba Sallangan says:

Hehehe 1cup sugar what..why u not tilling how money cup sugar what else

Raselon Pena says:

Must be delicious. I will try cooking this at home using muscovado sugar, young coconut meat and boiled sago.

Michaeljhon Tacaisan says:

Just add background music and subtitles for a better video.

packers4life says:

She says it’s good in Cambodian

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