9 Easy 3-Ingredient Desserts

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Here is what you’ll need!


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Badriya Hannes says:

I LOGE UR CHANNEL!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Amal Tech says:

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate

GameplayGalore says:

Why can’t they just say Oreos or Reese Puffs? Is it because of copyright reasons?

Azka Imsal says:

Why do you not tell how much we like tbsp,cup,tsp

BTS love says:


Billy Jarvis says:

notice how they call it sandwich cookie instead of oreos

Valentina Paz Arenas Torrejón says:

Son tres ingredientes , son tres ingredientes ,si maire puede hasta un simio puede.

Kaino says:

This music reminds me of that tropical track from Mario Kart

Midche Saintsulne says:

thats not 3 ingredients!!!!

Mario Pokrajac says:

Easiest dessert to make needs: chocolate of any kind

Lizzy Eamer 56 says:

I have a recipe for the Reeces cups. (Salt with it)


The first one was kinda unfair cuz they used their own cookie dough that they made with more than 3 ingredients soooooooo yeah

XxCookie_ WomanxX says:

The first one looks so good

Lilli P says:

PS don’t make the peanut butter cups. You’ll be on the toilet for days…

Chekov Чеков says:

most of this stuff is premade 🙁

Music God says:

this is fricking genius

Badriya Hannes says:

Give a shout out plz

Chaii Soda says:

The Oreo truffles are so good omG

magdalena sadowy says:

I always watch these videos saying I will make this! But then I end up never making it

Mini Pony says:

One ingredient, no bake cake:

Keith Deaton says:

So unhealthy

But so good…

Dardargo says:

You, a mere peasant: Oreo

Me, an intellect: S A N D W I C H C O O K I E S

Cam _017 says:

I hate your’s “Peanut Butter Cups” .
Is very ugly,¡Agh!

Rowdy Vlogs says:

I thought there supposed to be easy

Enoch Park says:

Oh come on Tasty, just say “Oreos.” We won’t judge. In fact, those who do will probably judge less.
Edit: Besides, why not? We all love them and you use them all the time.

Trey Downs says:


Vanessa Wallace says:


Read more

lol Ballad says:

The smores one it didnt put graham cracker.

Jennifer Beck says:

Tried the homemade peanut butter cups, and it looked like a peanut butter cup puked everywhere. It was sooooo messy!

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