6 Incredible No-Bake Desserts

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Here is what you’ll need!


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Whitney Ho says:

Can tasty make a dessert that a kid can make with like two ingredients a microwave and a bowl using everyday ingredients

Chhavi Gupta says:

What a great way to make desserts…just pull Oreo’s soul out of its body and then beat the shit out of it. Next, bury Oreo’s corpse into a pool of fat (cheese, melted butter, whipped cream, sugar syrup whatever)…Mix it and refrigerate it for a decade. Ur done.

Sleepy Pig says:

*chocolate sandwich cookies*

Catherine Bell says:

where are the recipes for these???

ImJustBNMe Shah says:


Satisfying Slime Videos Slimes says:

I don t understand why do people put Fruits IN A FUCKING DESERT Its suposed GOOD

Farhan Firoz says:

Refrigate means freezer??

Francisco Garcia says:

Opps I meant 1:36 :p

P Khieoluan says:

My suggestion for Tasty : KEEP KIDS OUT OF THE KITCHEN

Trick shot Tribe says:

can’t you just go to the store and buy these things

Khylle Peñaranda says:

on that oreo cheeseckae can someone please tell me whats that round baking untensil is ?

Francisco Garcia says:

Can u start telling us how long to refrigerate? :/

Ranie Cardel says:

how to download this video on my laptop

Amelia Miller says:

i don’t like peanut butter so not i didn’t like this

Indravadan Shah says:


Briana Hailey says:

I’m 11. I’m trying to surprise my mom with something sweat. Any suggestions?

Tr33E00 says:

Why do i do this to myself

XxVortexShredderxX says:

this is more late night snacks than the late night snacks video

Dila Mambor says:


Tierra Boyce says:

good Deserts

Jenna Bates says:

Saw that on a musicly

Britney Gomez-Manzano says:

Best thumbnail I have seen all today.

Francisco Garcia says:


Smiley Creeper says:

I’m allergic to peanuts

Sierra Montesano says:

Thanks guys

The Winningest Duo says:

I love TASTY videos

Khamari Williams says:

I think I found the person who created Reese’s

Qamar Hasanain says:

Its soo yummy and tasty but I think that its not easy to make

Jacob Armstrong says:

Ketchup cinnamon balls

paige ! says:

or you could just eat all of those oreos

Iris Ehrengren says:

Jättegoda, men viktigt att koka kolan på låg temperatur.

Elizabeth Midford says:

Had this advertiser before the vid it was a desert making ad and i was sat there for 8 minutes until i realised that that wasnt the video

Sophie and Nicole says:

Can someone tell me when they make a video without peanut butter??

Sikci Ghoul says:

2:44 you just gave that innocent kid diabetes


The second recipe is a repeated one… How many of you noticed!?

din din i do roblox vids says:


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