5 Easy 2-Ingredient Recipes

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Edes Gaming PH says:

2 ingredients needs a lot of gadgets

Emma Lee says:

2:51 who puts that much avocado?

thraX says:

Wtf the ad on this video just said “why are you not asleep it’s almost 11:15pm” what the actual fuck

Wf Waffle says:

Step 1. Go to a chef school

Me: taps out video

bilal hb Muhee says:

Spice bangal channel is copying your 2 ingredient desserts

Electriophile says:

1 and 5 are chocolate omelettes

Apple With eyes says:

I tried the pasta one and it didn’t work.
The cheese became really stiff
Waste of food!

The Oofing Noob says:

I came here for da bootiful pizza

carlita jones says:

when your in a fancy restaurant and they only give you a drop of sauce on a full plate of pasta

HA bro's says:

2:43, it’s the Indian ‘roti’ or ‘chapati’…and it can’t be eaten plain beacuse it is supposed to be eaten with the the Indian ‘sabji’

error303 says:

2:43 that is not flat bread that is a pide it is made for doner wraps or kebab

Kiwichu says:

Is that a blender for the sorbet or food processor? I know it’s a dumb question but just wondering

World Of darkness Martin says:

This is great because I am making a! Cookbook so I need for ideas and this is a load of ideas

dhwani walecha says:

I tried to make that pasta but it was liqiud and wasn’t sticky at all

Anyone has an idea how to make it sticky

Anabel Matos says:

una pregunta…….al pastel de chocolate le puedo poner azucar en la mezcla?………..o como hago para que cuando lo sirva,salga chocolate derretido de dentro?

Karam Warraich says:

How long do you freeze the sorbet, NOT ENOUGH DETAIL TASTY!!

Ty Keiser says:

This is my kind of food

Miriam Woldegebriel says:

Ok, people who don’t have any eggs good luck


i have a 1 ingriedient which is better that all of those..

chocolate *milk*

Akhil Deepan says:

How much chocolate in the cake?

homosexuality is a sin says:

tried making the pasta but idk wtf happened and my sister became pregnant and i burned water

The Cool Glitch Dude says:

Since I’m Muslim I always think the flat bread was a naan

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